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The Royal Wedding Plate


Royal Wedding Number Plate JU57 WED

Price Harry added the brilliant JU57 WED registration to Prince Charles’s vintage Aston Martin which William and Kate used as their wedding car.

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Getting married or a wedding guest? A wonderfully unique number plate makes an extra special gift. If you have a wedding related business then a personalised number plate for your fleet, van or wedding car can make you stand out from your competitors.

It’s quite hard to think of a gift that will be everlasting, used regularly and remind the couple of a wonderful memory all their life – but a special personalised number plate will do all these things. This unique wedding gift will show just how much you love someone and it can be kept for generations so that the special day is always remembered!

Already have a private registration?

Don’t worry, if your existing personalised registration number does not match your new initials we will happily advertise your number for re-sale, absolutely free! Click here to market it and get a free valuation.

The Proposal

Haven’t proposed yet? Well why not be the first to propose in this most unique, and surprising way – with a special number plate! Surprise your loved one by turning up in the car with the number plates on it. We have W1 LLU (Will You) in stock now! Purchase this number plate and transfer it to a vehicle. Call us now on 01902 791997.


Name Combinations
JA54 MEL (Jason & Mel)
LE04 JEN (Leo & Jen)
MR55 JPX (Mrs JP Kiss)
Name Change, 2 Be
JO02 BJS (J Owen to Smith)
Just Married With a date
F19 JMR (Feb 19)
Married & Date, Age, Initial
MR51 MRD (Mr 51 Married)