Pre-Order Your ‘13’ Plate NOW!

December 4, 2012

'13' Registration Numbers

’13′ Registration Numbers – Thousands of New Combinations

‘13’ Registration Numbers Available for Pre-Order!

The all new 2013 registration numbers are available to pre-order NOW!

Make Your Own “13″ Plate

OR call us on 01902 791997 to order yours today.

The number ‘13’ may be unlucky for some, but it offers some excellent personalised combinations.

The possibilities range far and wide with the 13 also resembling a ‘B’, an ‘IE’, an ‘LE’ or an ‘LB’ and here are just a few examples;

BO13 BYS – Bobby’s           MR13 OND – Mr Bond
RO13 ERT – Robert            RO13 SON – Robson
WE13 BYS – Webby’s         WE13 BER – Webber
DO13 BYS – Dobby’s          DO13 SON – Dobson
MR13 EAN – Mr Bean         TU13 BYS – Tubby’s
HO13 BYS – Hobby’s           RU13 BLE – Rubble
BU13 BLE – Bubble             TR13 UTE – Tribute
BA13 YXX – Baby xx           TA13 NTS – Talents
HE13 NAS – Helena’s           SH13 LDS – Shields

Carreg have had great success in past years in securing new released plates before others are able to snap them up, so Pre-Order yours now, or buy online from 5th December.

Please note that ‘13’ registrations can only be assigned to vehicles registered on or after the 01st March 2013! Alternatively, the registration number can be held on a Certificate of Entitlement until you are ready to transfer to a suitable vehicle.

For more information you can call us on 01902 791997 or email us at

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