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July 9, 2014

Happy customer’s and the story behind their number plate.

Number Plate S11 ULT on a rare white Ginetta G60

Number Plate S11 ULT on a Ginetta G60

Tony, from Cheshire, purchased the registration number S11 ULT from as a birthday gift for his partner, to represent their surname ‘Schultz’. Tony explained that many people unfortunately seem to read it as ‘slut’.

The plate is currently on their Ginetta G60 – the first G60 off the Ginetta production line, which the owner claims is currently the only car in the world other than the factory development cars.

Tony said he found his experience shopping with us; ‘very good, as it was easy to find and simple to purchase with the least amount of messing around’.

We are very glad you enjoyed your shopping experience, and we hope your partner enjoys the plate as much as this amazing car :)

Number Plate X21 JBR on a sporty looking Mini Cooper

Number Plate X21 JBR on a Mini Cooper

Here we have a very happy 21-year-old who received the registration number X21 JBR for her birthday. The number shows her initials and of course her age…

‘I have wanted plates for as long as I can remember and gave up looking for a set when I couldn’t find what I wanted. Only to open a box on my 21st to find a gleaming set if personalised plates staring back at me. Such a shock I found myself crying like a baby. So aswell as me sending you some pictures I am also sending a massive thanks to you for helping make my 21st birthday one I will never forget (as its part of the reg – X21 JBR) and making my dream come true!! Jayde-Bianca’

It is so nice to hear how pleased you were with your surprise gift and hope that you cherish it for a very long time :)

Number Plate DON 1D on a blue Range Rover Evoque on the Isle of Skye

Number Plate DON 1D on a Range Rover Evoque

Donald from Aberdeen, purchased DON 1D from us recently as it was his ideal plate. The registration now adorns his Range Rover Evoque.

‘Please see the attached photo of plates, the transfer has just been completed with yourselves. Many thanks to Sue and others for completing this for me. Attached picture was during last weekends drive to Isle of Skye for a hill walking trip. Back ground is Loch Carron’.

We hope that you enjoy showing off your plate and Evoque in many other places over the country Donald :)

Removed due to Spacing of Image!
Number Plate LIL 130 on a BMW 320I SE Turbo

Donald from Porth, purchased a lovely number LIL 130, in readiness for when his granddaughter can drive in many years to come.

‘Very satisfied with the efficiency of your company when purchasing the above registration plate. I purchased the registration plate for my 21month old granddaughter Lili ready for her 17th birthday. At present it’s been placed on my car which Lili now calls ‘Lili’s car’. Wouldn’t hesitate recommending your company to family and friends’.

What a lovely idea Donald. I bet Lili can’t wait to start driving. I’m sure she will always cherish the plate having been introduced to the number plate world at such a young age by her beloved granddad :)

Number Plate M400 DRE on a stunning silver Maserati Quattroporte, 400 horsepower

Number Plate M400 DRE on a Maserati Quattroporte

David was very happy to get the perfect number plate that related to his initials and his car; M400 DRE.

‘Here on my newly purchased car is the ideal plate from Carreg. Meaning; Maserati, 400 horsepower, David Roy East. I will definitely be going back to Carreg as I purchase more vehicles’.

The perfect reg for you David. Your custom is always valued and we look forward to fixing you up with more number plates :)

Older stories

Number plate RCZ 13 on a Peugeot RCZ

Number plate RCZ 13 on a Peugeot RCZ

Andy from Middlesex, purchased the number plate RCZ 13 from us in March 2013.

As you may have guessed, the reason behind their choice was because they had just purchased a 2013 registered Peugeot RCZ!

This is a very tidy dateless registration number, and it really finishes the car off nicely! Andy said he loves his car and his new plates :) Thanks for the photo!

Number plate J18 PWG on a Porsche Boxster

Number plate J18 PWG on a Porsche Boxster

 We fixed up Patrick Gallagher with the registration number J18 PWG in February 2013.

He said he was acting like a spoilt 62 year-old who couldn’t wait to get it on his Porsche Boxster :) Great posing Patrick!

He chose this number to match his initials, and he gave us some nice comments, stating he received brilliant service, and it was an easy to use website.

Thank you for the photo!

Number plate S21 TRG on a Renault Clio GT

Number plate S21 TRG on a Renault Clio GT

Tom Gardner from Ripley, has his new registration number S21 TRG on his Renault Clio GT. The TRG represents his initials, and the 21 is his age.

After purchasing the number from us in March 2013 for his birthday, he kindly sent us a photo. He thinks the plates looks cracking, and so do we!

Tom said he received excellent service, and would definitely recommend us to his family and friends.

Thanks for the kind comments Tom :)

Number plate LJ13 LEZ on a Citroen C1

Number plate LJ13 LEZ on a Citroen C1

Les Pert from Lincoln, was treated by his wife to this fabulous birthday present, which he absolutely loves.

The registration number obviously represents his name, but not only that, the ‘LJ’ represents Les & Joyce; his wife.

The ‘13’ is also great, as it still shows that the car is brand new this year! So a very good choice :) Thank you for the photo, it looks great on your new Citroen C1!

Number plate F12 PAW on a Nissan Qashqai

Number plate F12 PAW on a Nissan Qashqai

When Peter Woods’ son needed a new car, Peter decided to give him his own Land Rover, complete with personalised number plates, out of the kindness of his heart. The initials happen to match, so it was perfect.

However, Peter then had to purchase a new car and a new plate for himself!! The joys of being a dad!! :P came to the rescue (with the number plates anyway) and provided Peter with a new plate; F12 PAW.

It looks great on his new Nissan Qashqai :) Thank you for the photo!

Keep the photos and reviews coming guys :) just email them to

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