Number Plate Facts

TOO RUDE for the Road!

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Revealed – More number plates are banned as they are considered too rude or too offensive for the road! Twice a year the DVLA release a new series of registration numbers, but behind the scenes a special team of diverse individuals review the releases for appropriateness. They also revisit numbers already held on the suppression […]

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SALE – Up to 50% OFF + New Auction Numbers!

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DVLA Celebrate 25 Years of Number Plate Auctions 2014 is set to be a big year for DVLA as they celebrate their 25th anniversary after launching the “Sale of Marks Scheme” way back in the pre-internet days of 1989. To celebrate, CarReg are starting off the New Year with a magnificent SALE of up to […]

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2014 Number Plates BANNED!

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Rude numbers for the SCR4P pile. It’s that time of year again, and more numbers have been thrown on the scrap pile for their offensive nature. The new 14 registrations will be released on 4th December, ready for the New Year when they can be used on vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2014. […]

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A 722 SLR McLaren

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Top bucks for SLR McLaren 722 number plate! From 2006 there came the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722, however, the name may have misled a few consumers…It’s common for the numbers in the name of a car to indicate the power capacity of the model. However, on this occasion, that’s simply not the case. The number […]

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More Number Plates on the Naughty List

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DVLA Slam on the Brakes with Offensive Numbers Censors at the DVLA meet up regularly throughout the year to vet any registration combinations that are potentially offensive, and throw them on the scrapheap before the new releases in March and September. V14 GRA,  image removed as owner mis-spaced Naughty drug related number plate Numbers that […]

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Number Plates are like Marmite

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A Statement of Individuality or an Ostentatious Waste of Money? It’s not just the rich and famous like Lord Alan Sugar (AMS 1), who buy personalised number plates. The business is still big despite the recent economic decline, with many regarding them as an investment or just a statement of individuality. However, for the majority […]

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We Now Also Accept Paypal – Amex – Google Checkout

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Carreg are pleased to announce that we now accept payments via Paypal, American Express, Google Checkout, Visa, Mastercard,  Maestro and Electron.  Carreg is a family run business and we understand that sometimes certain projects do not work out for whatever reasons, we always try to help buyers in situations like this. We may be able to take […]

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“13″ Number Plate Available At Carreg

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13 Series To Be Released – Carreg, DVLA Registered Re-Sellers The “13″ series car registrations will be released early in December 2012.   These marks can of course only be used on brand new vehicles registered from 1st March 2013. This batch contains some excellent combinations. Prices have yet to be confirmed. Once you have registered […]

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Number Plate MOT Regulations

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Any vehicle undergoing an MOT test can fail if the number plates are dirty, faded, not secure or displaying incorrectly formed letters and spacing. The MOT test was first introduced in 1959, and in line with the motor industries developments, the tests have become ever more sophisticated. Once a vehicle is three years old, it […]

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FABulous Registrations!!

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FAB Car Registrations , Self-confessed car addict, Chris Evans has a FABulous set of private registration numbers. The 43- year-old’s garage is impressive in its own right. Due to his Ferrari fetish he owns a collection of 6 white Ferraris and 2 black! All with private registration numbers, most with the combination ENZ. However, the […]

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