Number Plate Ideas


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The forthcoming ‘15’ number plate series has now been released. This series will be for vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2015…but don’t worry, if you are not planning on getting a brand new car, you can still purchase your ‘15’ registration number and retain it indefinitely on a certificate, and transfer it at […]

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The Epitome of a Concept Supercar

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The Epitome Concept   The Epitome…CARREG believe it was named this as it is a quintessence of a top class concept car. It would cost you a meer $2,000,000 for the privilege of owning this stunning piece which comes from Morocco, (not the most sporting country in the world). You can tell that the designer, […]

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Supercars for St Patrick’s Day

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Facts about the Patron Saint of Ireland You know the name but what do you know about the man?  There are many myths surrounding St Patrick and his story, and in honour of this year’s festivities we have put together some green supercars. St Patrick was born in Britain around 385AD, and was captured and taken to Ireland at […]

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Number Plates for the Sports Fanatic

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Cheltenham Races – The Festival The true sporting high of the Cheltenham races begins on 11th March with the Champion Day.  It’s followed by Ladies Day, St Patrick’s Thursday and closes on 14th March with the Gold Cup Day. Here we have some great sport related number plates for you fanatics out there, whether your favourite […]

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Valentines Special Offer – Upto 50% OFF

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Cars of Love In honour of Valentines Day this year, we are extending our January Sale of upto 50% OFF, until 12th February. Who said Valentines Day only lasts for 24 hours? With our extended sale, there’s plenty of time for you lovers to get that extra special gift that’s bound to win the heart […]

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SALE – Up to 50% OFF + New Auction Numbers!

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DVLA Celebrate 25 Years of Number Plate Auctions 2014 is set to be a big year for DVLA as they celebrate their 25th anniversary after launching the “Sale of Marks Scheme” way back in the pre-internet days of 1989. To celebrate, CarReg are starting off the New Year with a magnificent SALE of up to […]

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Dreaming of a White Christmas MCL 423N  -  MP 4  –  12 C BUG 477  –  VEY 20N  –  BG 4771  –  V37 RON POR 511E  -  POR 1  -  P411 MRA  –  POR 5H  -  FA57 POR FE12 RAR  –  FER 458  –  FA57 FER  -  458 GO  –  FER 4R POR 911  –  911 […]

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2014 Number Plates BANNED!

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Rude numbers for the SCR4P pile. It’s that time of year again, and more numbers have been thrown on the scrap pile for their offensive nature. The new 14 registrations will be released on 4th December, ready for the New Year when they can be used on vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2014. […]

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A Supercar Covered in Jewels!

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Did she say she wanted diamonds for Christmas?? Well here’s something that would benefit you aswel…the LykanHypersport! Only if you are feeling very, very generous of course…over £2.1 million worth of generous! This week at the Dubai Motor Show, Lebanon’s W Motors showcased a glimpse of what its supercar will look like when its wheels […]

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A 722 SLR McLaren

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Top bucks for SLR McLaren 722 number plate! From 2006 there came the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722, however, the name may have misled a few consumers…It’s common for the numbers in the name of a car to indicate the power capacity of the model. However, on this occasion, that’s simply not the case. The number […]

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