Prefix Number Plates: 1983 to 2001

The year-letter Suffix now became a Prefix giving a format as follows:

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  • A single letter Prefix. This started again from “A”.
  • One to three numbers
  • A space
  • A three number sequence. Again characters within this sequence indicate area of origin.

The available range was now “A1 AAA” to “Y999 YYY”.

The changes in 1983 also brought the letter Q into use. Q was used on vehicles of indeterminate age such as those assembled from kits, substantial rebuilds, or imported vehicles where the documentation was insufficient to determine the age.

NB: During the 90s there was an investigation into a unified scheme for Europe which would incorporate the country of origin. Britain decided not to adopt such a scheme.

Buying Prefix Number Plates

There are many options and combinations which have been released by the DVLA. Some of the most expensive were numbers like K1 NGS which sold for £235,000 in 1993, S1 NGH and P1 LOT both also made around £100,000 each at DVLA auctions. The majority of prefix number plates were sold online via the DVLA personalised registrations website. Numbers with prefix A to Y (excluding I) then one or two numbers (up to 20) followed by three letters were available to buy from only £144 + VAT + transfer.  This scheme allowed more and more people to enjoy personalised number plates. Many people who purchased even the most basic combinations were later pleasantly surprised when they realised that they also had quite an investment. Some numbers were, and still are, re-selling for ten times more than what people had originally paid!