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Prefix grid for OOB number plates

1 E1 F1 V1 W1 Y1
2 W2 X2
3 F3 V3 W3 X3 Y3
4 E4 N4 V4 W4
5 V5 W5 Y5
6 B6 E6 F6 T6 W6 X6
7 E7 F7 T7 V7 W7 X7
9 E9 F9 V9 W9 X9
10 F10 V10 W10 X10 Y10
11 E11 F11 W11 X11 Y11
12 D12 E12 F12 N12 W12 X12 Y12
14 D14 E14 F14 H14 L14 N14 P14 R14 T14 V14 W14 X14
15 C15 E15 F15 G15 K15 N15 T15 V15 W15 X15 Y15
16 D16 F16 G16 H16 N16 P16 R16 T16 V16 W16 X16 Y16
17 C17 D17 F17 G17 J17 K17 M17 N17 P17 V17 W17 X17 Y17
19 C19 E19 F19 G19 J19 K19 L19 N19 P19 R19 T19 V19 W19 X19
20 D20 E20 F20 G20 V20 W20 X20 Y20
21 L21 M21 N21 P21 T21 V21 W21 X21 Y21
22 J22 K22 L22 M22 N22 P22 T22 V22 W22 X22 Y22
23 L23 N23 P23 T23 V23 W23 X23 Y23
24 L24 N24 P24 R24 T24 V24 W24 X24 Y24
25 L25 M25 N25 P25 R25 S25 V25 W25 X25 Y25
26 L26 N26 P26 T26 V26 W26 X26 Y26
27 L27 N27 P27 R27 S27 T27 V27 W27 X27 Y27
29 L29 N29 P29 R29 T29 V29 W29 X29 Y29
30 N30 P30 T30 V30 W30 X30
31 L31 N31 P31 R31 T31 V31 W31 X31 Y31
33 J33 K33 N33 P33 T33 V33 W33 X33 Y33
40 K40 L40 N40 P40 T40 W40 X40
44 K44 L44 N44 P44 T44 V44 W44 X44
50 V50 X50
55 J55 K55 L55 M55 N55 P55 T55 V55 W55 X55 Y55
60 K60 L60 M60 N60 P60 T60 V60 W60 X60
66 J66 L66 M66 N66 P66 T66 V66 W66 X66
70 J70 K70 L70 M70 N70 P70 T70 V70 W70 X70
73 M73
77 J77 K77 M77 N77 P77 T77 V77 W77 X77 Y77
80 K80 P80 V80 W80 X80
88 D88
90 J90 K90 N90 P90 R90 S90 T90 V90 W90 X90
99 J99 K99 M99 N99 P99 R99 T99 V99 W99 X99 Y99
100 K100 M100 P100 T100 V100 W100 X100 Y100
111 P111 T111 V111 W111 X111 Y111
121 L121 N121 P121 T121 V121 W121 X121 Y121
123 L123 N123 P123 R123 S123 T123 V123 W123 X123 Y123
155 K155
200 K200 L200 N200 P200 T200 V200 W200 X200 Y200
222 J222 K222 L222 N222 P222 R222 S222 T222 V222 W222 X222 Y222
246 M246
300 J300 K300 L300 M300 N300 P300 T300 V300 W300 X300 Y300
321 L321 N321 P321 R321 S321 T321 V321 W321 X321 Y321
333 J333 K333 L333 M333 N333 P333 R333 S333 T333 V333 W333 X333 Y333
400 K400 L400 M400 N400 P400 R400 T400 V400 W400 X400
444 J444 K444 L444 M444 N444 P444 R444 T444 V444 W444 X444 Y444
500 K500 L500 M500 N500 P500 V500 W500 X500 Y500
555 J555 K555 L555 N555 P555 R555 T555 V555 W555 X555 Y555
600 J600 K600 L600 M600 N600 P600 T600 V600 W600 X600 Y600
666 J666 K666 L666 M666 N666 P666 R666 T666 V666 W666 X666 Y666
700 J700 K700 L700 M700 N700 P700 T700 V700 W700 X700 Y700
777 J777 K777 L777 M777 N777 P777 R777 S777 T777 V777 W777 X777 Y777
800 J800 K800 N800 P800 T800 V800 W800 X800 Y800
900 J900 K900 L900 M900 N900 P900 T900 V900 W900 X900 Y900
999 J999 K999 L999 M999 N999 P999 R999 S999 T999 V999 W999 X999 Y999
£155 £289 £379 £468 £705 £715 £775 Other
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