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DVLA Number Plate Auctions

The next DVLA Auction is to be held at ONLINE ONLY (Timed) on 7th to 13th September.

The DVLA hold several number plate auctions each year, usually 5 Live Auctions and 4 Timed (online) sales. Prices continue to rise steadily year on year, so don’t delay.  Best not to delay !  Most Sales have been Timed (Online) only since Covid pandemic struck in March 2020, but LIVE sales are set to finally resume in October 2022.

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DVLA Auction bidding service

CarReg are expert buyers and can bid for you for only £250 (fee is only charged if your bid is successful). Our fee is discounted to just £200 plus VAT if the Lot sells for under £1500.

Auctions can be expensive for the inexperienced, so let us take the strain and bid for you! You have nothing to lose. We only charge a small booking fee of £30 + VAT. We can also advise on registration transfer, and can supply road-legal physical perspex plates as we are a DVLA Registered Number Plates Supplier (RNPS - 27154)

Look no further for an all round service, we are the professionals with all aspects of the process covered in one place.

Ready to bid at the next DVLA auction?

If you would like to bid for a number plate in a DVLA number plate auction, you can either find the registration on our website DVLA auction search and then follow the steps to secure your bid online, or we can manage the process manually, but in this case, simply call us 01902 791997.

Whichever way you choose to submit your bid, please ensure you read our full DVLA Auction terms.

Our DVLA Auction credentials

CarReg have been sponsoring the Number Plates Auction Price Guide and The Car Numbers Book for over 30 years. We used to attend every sale in person but due to vast improvements in technology over the years (the online bidding facilities are stable and very reliable) the need to attend in person is not essential. We have excellent knowledge of how the auctions work and can often accurately estimate what many will sell for. We have acquired hundreds of private car numbers by way of auction, saving clients both time and money! Dealers and traders often purchase stock from auctions as well depending on the prices.

Types of DVLA number plate auctions

The DVLA currently have two types of auction. The Timed Auctions, mainly for lower priced year letter numbers and the Live Auction of Personalised Registrations, where more select and often more expensive number plates are sold. There are approximately 2500 Lots with the majority having reserve prices in excess of £1000.

Buy Number Plates to sell on in future

We have built a large client base of customers who ask us to buy number plates from auctions with a view to selling them on for profit either immediately or at a later date. Past auction prices show prices have risen steadily over the last 30 years.  By using our knowledge and guidance, clients should get a healthy return on their investment (ROI). You and your family can also enjoy the use of the number plates whist earning money when they sell.

It is easy and straight forward to buy a number plate from a DVLA auction. After all successful bids, payment is required immediately. DVLA then issue the V750 certificate of entitlement within 14 days which can then be used to assign to a vehicle of your choice, or held on Certificate for 10 years.

The next DVLA Auction

Search or view a list of private number plates to be sold at the next DVLA Auction, which will be held on 7th to 13th September 2022 TIMED (Online) only sale.

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