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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private plate?

Generally a private plate is a number plate that is purchased to enhance the appearance of the vehicle, it does not necessarily have to be the owners name or initials for example.

How and where can we buy private number plates?

There are actually a few choices depending on how much you would like to invest and of course, which type you would like. There are many websites on Google, dealers who are members of a trade association should be the best option. CarReg are members of all trade bodies and recognised resellers with the DVLA. Be careful if you see a “bargain” on eBay! There are auctions like Bonhams which sell special numbers at Goodwood each year. The DVLA also hold auctions around the UK and online. Many of the shortest numbers and most desirable private plates have already been sold so may only be available within the second hand market.

Can I buy one and hold it until I buy a new vehicle?

Yes of course, this is easy. DVLA created the retention system a few years ago. A number can be retained on a V778 certificate. It is safe to store away for as long as you may wish. Some private plates are issued by DVLA but have never actually been on a vehicle. These numbers will be held on a Government V750 certificate and again, you can store them safely for as long as you wish.

How much do private plates cost?

There are many different prices for the different letters and styles. Prices generally start (at CarReg) at £155. This type of number would be from our make your own page which also make ideal gifts. We also have cheap Irish number plates from only £49. Prices soon rise with the shorter and more popular letters are introduced. All plates with the number one are also more expensive. Single numbers/letters with the number one (Example; D1) may retail for over £1,000,000! The owner of F1 has apparently refused 7 figures!