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Help with searching for private number plates

Our intelligent search allows you to enter ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!

We want your search to be as easy as possible and to present you with relevant results which we hope you are trying to find!

Popular searches our customers look for include:

  • NAMES (First, Last, Nicknames)
  • INITIALS  (1,2 or 3,  A, AB, AJB etc)
  • JOBS / PROFESSION (Words relating to)
  • SPORTS TEAMS (Football, Rugby etc)
  • HOBBIES / INTERESTS (Running, Fitness, Golf, Boxing, Darts, Cycling, BMX, Music/DJ)
  • PETS / ANIMALS (Dogs, Cats, Rabbit, Pet names)
  • PLACES (Country, County, City, town, village, postcode)

Whatever it is you are looking for, we hope you find your private number plate here at CarReg. We have over 50 million personalised registrations to choose from. If you cannot find something, then please speak to one of our helpful advisors who may be able to explain why. Should we not be able to get you fixed up now you can register on our Number Plate Finder Service, which will then notify you when something becomes available that matches your search criteria.

Here are 20 of the most searched for number plate combinations for last month; 

Search for your perfect number plate using our super search system above. Alternatively you can call us during office hours where our friendly staff would be pleased to assist. 

Private number plates make ideal gifts from just £25.  They are personalised, everlasting and so easy to buy.  You can ‘Make Your Own’ or buy a CarReg Gift Voucher. The amount you wish to gift is entirely up to you and the recipient can then use the voucher towards a purchase of any number plate showing on our website.

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