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License Plate Lookup and Number Plate Search FAQs

License plate lookup and number plate search is made easy with Carreg. Whether driven by curiosity or navigating challenging circumstances, our License plate lookup and Number Plate Finder tools offer invaluable utility across various scenarios.

What is a License Plate Lookup

License plate lookup, commonly referred to as number plate search or reg lookup, involves procuring information about a vehicle through its registration number. This system grants access to data pertaining to a specific vehicle, encompassing its make, model, year of manufacture, (but not ownership details).  Only DVLA Swansea and the UK PNC (Police National Computer) would be privy to sensitive ownership details and conform to strict data protection laws (GDPR)

Why do a Number Plate Search?

You might need to run a number plate search to do a Vehicle History Check: Before acquiring a pre-owned vehicle, a comprehensive license plate lookup unveils crucial information about its past, encompassing accident reports, odometer readings, and any associated recalls.

A license plate lookup is also carried out for accident Investigation: In the aftermath of a hit-and-run incident or damage caused by a fleeing perpetrator, license plate lookup aids in identifying the owner of the vehicle responsible for the misdeed.

Conducting a number plate search is also done on the grounds of safety and security. If you are concerned about an unfamiliar vehicle lurking in your vicinity,  conducting a license plate lookup can check the registered owner’s details, safeguarding the well-being of your community.

Traffic violations are another instance where you may need to do a number plate search. A license plate lookup proves instrumental in facilitating law enforcement’s pursuit of the responsible party.

Number Plates

CarReg are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of perspex number plates. We are DVLA registered (DVLA RNPS number 27154). All perspex plates supplied are the highest quality and 100% road legal. You can order a pair of plates or just one (front or rear) with the standard or 4D font. There are different flag options available, borders and even anti-theft fixing screws. All orders are posted by Royal Mail first class and will arrive within a few days. Order your Perspex number plates starting below;

Number Plates

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