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Number Plate Maker

You can find millions of custom number plate combinations starting at just £154.  Custom number plate designs make perfect gifts for any occasion with prices starting from only £154 plus VAT and DVLA Fee.

How to create a personalised number plate?

We promise, the process could not be any easier!  Create your own plate using either of the two Number Plate Maker design modules above.

  1. Choose a format suitable for your vehicles age (Prefix (Aug’83 to Mar’01) or Current (March 2001 or after).
  2. Select a “Prefix” letter or a pair of “current” letters (I, O, Q, Z not available for Prefix).
  3. Pick a number from 1 to 31 or a higher number or multiple of ten (40,50,60 etc +,33,44, 55, 100, 200 etc).  Current style plate numerics range from 02 to 23 and 51 to 73.
  4. Select the letters you require and hit the search button. Many people will pick their initials but you may be able to abbreviate your name like CRG for Craig, JAS for Jason, or MRK for Mark?
  5. Ideas - current MRS = MR 5* ***,  THIS = TH15 ***,  BEST = BE57 ***, GB (Great Britain) UK, MY, UR, OO, XX are other popular letters you may start the registration with.

Simply enter your choice of letters and numbers into the search boxes and scan the huge database of available number plates. Whether you choose from the DVLA’s ‘current plate’ format (CA23 REG), or the older ‘PREFIX plate’ format (X66 JDW), you can be sure of getting an original new number plate never previously used in the UK.

  • The official DVLA certificate will be sent to you within 4-5 days (or we can transfer for you, just add the ‘DVLA transfer service’ to your order on the secure purchase page before checkout.
  • We can arrange the actual number plates and deliver to you (just add ‘Perspex number plates’ when placing your order).
  • There are over 70 MILLION unissued government stock (DVLA registrations) available now.

How to Transfer a new number plate to a vehicle?

Transferring to a vehicle is very easy, similar to taxing a vehicle online.

This can be done up to 10 years after purchase if you do not want to assign straight away, are in the process of purchasing a new vehicle, or perhaps buying as a gift.

Which registration is suitable for my car?

Please Note: It is not possible to use a personalised registration to make a vehicle appear newer, e.g. to use a 2008 “08” plate on a 2006 vehicle. However, there are no restrictions on using an older number plate or the same age as the vehicle for which it is registered – You can use a historic (dateless) 1903 number plate on a brand new vehicle, fresh out of the showroom or on a 1960’s, 70’s or 80’s classic! 

The rule is simple, If the vehicle was first registered from September 2001 (51 reg) onwards, you can choose from both of the above PREFIX or CURRENT plate styles but If your vehicle is older than Sept 2001, then just select PREFIX or search our cherished numbers and look at dateless, or suffix as both will also be suitable. Dateless number plates are usually much more costly.  If you are unsure , give us a call!

What are Cherished number plates?

Cherished number plates are special dateless, previously issued rare and sought after registrations. We have thousands of cherished number plates available (many are our own stock and can not be bought anywhere else) ranging from original 1903 cherished numbers up to the current issue plates.  Often the more sought after current plates are ones which are able to make words & names.  Prices start from around £500 with some very desirable marks worth in excess of £200,000. Use our Smart Search at the top of the page to search for a cherished number plate.

How much are custom number plates?

The cost of custom number plates varies based on factors like design, style, and availability. Prices can range from a few hundred pounds to thousands. To get an accurate quote, enter in your information in the Number Plate Maker module above, and we will generate a page with your number plate selections and the accompanying prices.

Where to buy custom number plates?

You can buy custom number plates here at! We offer a wide range of custom number plates that you can design and purchase directly through our online configurator.

How do custom number plates work?

Custom number plates, also known as personalised plates or private plates, allow you to create a unique combination of letters and numbers for your vehicle. These plates can reflect your name, initials, or any special word/number combination you choose. The process involves:

    1. Design: Use our Number Plate Maker configurator to design your personalised number plate, adhering to DVLA guidelines.

    2. Purchase: Once you’ve finalised the design, you can purchase the plate through our website.

    3. Registration: The DVLA will assign your chosen combination to your vehicle and issue you the new custom number plates.

    4. Display: Attach the custom plates to your vehicle following the regulations provided by the DVLA.

Designing Custom Number Plates - The Role of Number Plate Makers

Number plate makers are crucial in the process of creating custom DVLA number plates. These specialised businesses facilitate the design, production, and registration of personalised plates that adhere to the regulations set by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). A number plate maker acts as a bridge between personal expression and legal compliance.

Designing Custom Number Plates

When it comes to creating custom number plates, the design aspect takes centre stage. Enthusiasts can create a plate that mirrors their personality or interests. The design process typically involves selecting a combination of letters and numbers that hold significance, along with a choice of font, border style, and background.

Custom UK number plates must adhere to strict regulations to ensure readability and authenticity. The DVLA enforces guidelines regarding character spacing, font style, and background design. Plates must be easily distinguishable to aid law enforcement and surveillance cameras.

For instance, the use of non-standard characters or punctuation marks is prohibited , and the visibility of the registration mark must not be compromised by accessories or obstructions. Keywords like ‘custom UK number plate’ underscore the importance of adhering to these regulations while crafting personalised plates.

Fuel Your Imagination with a Custom UK Number Plate:

You’re not just driving a car; you’re driving your personality. And what better way to express it than through a custom UK number plate that spells out your name, your motto, or even your spirit animal? With the help of a number plate maker, you’re the artist behind the wheel, shaping each digit and letter to create a design that’s uniquely you.

Putting the ‘U’ in UK Number Plates:

In the UK, number plates are more than just identifiers; they’re part of the culture. Think of them as your car’s signature – a way to stand out and make a statement. With a custom UK number plate, you’re not just putting letters and digits together; you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see.

In a world where conformity is common, custom DVLA number plates let you break free from the ordinary and dive into a world of creativity and self-expression. With a number plate maker at your fingertips, you can craft a plate that’s as unique as your fingerprint. So, gear up, let your imagination run wild, and turn your car into a moving masterpiece that’s bound to leave a trail of impressed onlookers in your wake.

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