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Cheap Number Plates

What are Cheap Number Plates?

Quite simply, they are number plates that don’t break the bank.  We have thousands of affordable dateless options available from just £65 plus transfer fees.  We also have a database of 65+million with prices from £154+VAT

Cheap number plates come in various combinations and are usually what we call ‘dateless’ number plates. They are a combination of letters and numbers that do not really match the drivers initials (some containing obscure letters like I, U, X, Y and Z) and do not mean anything to the driver/owner.
The Land Rover vehicle image at the top of this page is a fine example of a low cost 3x3 dateless number plate using initials XBG.  Often they are used to remove the age identifier, disguising a vehicles age so therefore are sometimes called ‘cover’ registrations.
Less common initials are generally far cheaper than those initials which are shared by many people across the United Kingdom. (example UHY, compared to AMS).

Here is a sample of some cheap number plates (you can find more similar by searching the letter combinations listed below). Some from just £65 + transfer fee. See Cheapest 3x3 Dateless Number Plates

Finding Cheap Number Plates for Sale in the UK

DVLA number plates stand as more than just a combination of letters and digits. These plates serve as a unique identifier for vehicles traversing the British roads. The hunt for cost-effective options is second nature to many. Whether you’re a budget-conscious motorist or simply want to adhere to frugality in your vehicle-related expenses, the availability of cheap number plates in the UK can be a breath of fresh air.

For those on the lookout for cheap registration plates, the UK market offers a variety of avenues to consider. The need for replacement number plates can arise from a myriad of reasons - wear and tear, loss, damage, or simply wanting a fresh look. Luckily, the cost-effective, cheap number plate are easy to find here at Carreg. We always hold a substantial selection of cheap number plates, allowing you to choose a plate that aligns with your tastes without breaking the bank.

Navigating Regulations of Cheap Registration Plates in the UK

When pursuing cost-effective, cheap registration plates, it’s essential to remain mindful of the legal requirements. Cheap number plates should meet all the specifications mandated by the DVLA to ensure that your vehicle remains compliant and you avoid any unwanted penalties. As authorised DVLA number plate providers, we make sure that each number plate we sell meets all legal requirements.

The availability of cheap DVLA number plates in the UK offers a welcome opportunity for savings without compromising on legality or aesthetics. As you explore the options available, keep in mind that affordability doesn’t necessarily equate to compromise. With careful consideration and a keen eye for value, you can acquire number plates that embody both the spirit of your vehicle and the practicality of your financial choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cheap number plate?

In the trade we generally say that a cheap number plate is a registration priced less than £1000.

Why are cheap number plates so cheap?

Normally registrations with obscure letters make number plates “cheap”.

Where can I buy a cheap number plate?

CarReg have a specific “cheap number plates” page with many listed. All priced less than £1000.

Are cheap number plates nasty?

Certainly not! We have supplied many car dealers and car manufacturers with cheap number plates, some have been used for TV commercials.  They can make a nice classy addition to any car you are wanting to disguise the age of.  They also look great on 70’s/80’s classics.