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Find and buy cheap number plates from only £65. Over 1000 cover numbers available.

First of all, ‘cheap’ doesn’t have to mean nasty. Quite the opposite in fact! CarReg believe that even the worlds best cars can be enhanced with a cheap number plate, even if one of our cheaper cover number plates are used, often in 3x3 format. Many car manufacturers advertisements and UK TV commercials use them to enhance the look of the vehicles appearance.  Here is a sample of our cheap number plates (you can find more similar by searching the letter combinations listed below). Some from as little as £65 + transfer fee.

Cheap number plates come in various combinations and are usually what we call ‘dateless’ number plates. They are a combination of letters and numbers that do not really match the drivers initials (some containing obscure letters like I, U, X, Y and Z) and do not mean anything to the driver/owner. The Land Rover vehicle image on this page is a prime example of a cheap dateless number plate using initials XBG. Often they are used to remove the age identifier so therefore are sometimes called ‘cover’ registrations. Less common initials are usually much cheaper than those sets of initials which are shared by many. (example UHY, compared to AMS)

Buy A Cheap Number Plate A Supercar bearing a cheap number plate

There are many styles or combinations of cheap number plates, there are basic 3x3’s like 3 letters and 3 numbers, 2 letters 4 number combinations or 3 letters + 4 numbers (which are of Northern Irish origin and those containing letters I and Z).

If dateless plates are above your budget, the other popular low cost numbers are the prefix & current style plates where there are over 60 million combinations available. Try our Make Your Own section. They are known as prefix or current style number plates with prices starting from only £155!

In the trade, we also refer to some numbers as cheap short numbers like 8 OU or YV 2. Obviously rare to find anyone with initials with these letters together hence a lower price. These numbers are cheap, short plates which will look great on any vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question; What is a cheap number plate?

Answer; In the trade we generally say that a cheap number plate is a registration priced less than £1000.

Question; Why are cheap number plates so cheap?

Answer; Normally registrations with obscure letters make number plates “cheap”.

Question; Where can I buy a cheap number plate?

Answer; CarReg have a specific “cheap number plates” page with many listed. All priced less than £1000.

Question; Are cheap number plates nasty?

Answer; Certainly not! We have supplied many car dealers and car manufacturers with cheap number plates, some have been used for TV commercials.  They can make a nice classy addition to any car you are wanting to disguise the age of.  They also look great on 70’s/80’s classics

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