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Sell My Number Plate - Number Plate Valuation

Our experienced valuers carefully assess your registration to ensure the best prices are provided from the ‘sell a number plate’ free number plate valuation service.

By completing our Number Plate Valuation request form, you permit us to list your registration provisionally with ‘POA’ (Price on application) pending your acceptance to the emailed quote.  You can amend the price to suit or remove the mark altogether at any time. There are no upfront fees and no obligation.

Human valuation, not computer generated!

Our number plate valuations are often used by for legal matters such as probate and occasionally we are asked to value number plates to assist investigations by HM Police & Revenue and Customs.

Request a valuation

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If we are interested in buying your registration we will provide a “sell it now” price with your valuation.

Sell Your Number Plate - Number Plate Valuation

Selling a number plate is easy and you are in safe hands with CarReg. Once we agree a sale with the customer and you (the seller), we will confirm the sale in writing via email (and post if required) which clearly states the amount we will pay you upon completion, what documentation we need from you (either the DVLA Certificate OR vehicle V5C), and your banking details where you wish to receive the funds.

Once we receive the requested documentation, we will arrange the swift transfer to our customer’s vehicle (once they have paid in full). If the purchaser is not looking to assign the registration mark straight away, then we will retain the number in their name off of the donor vehicle, or if the reg mark is already on a DVLA certificate a nominee name and address amendment will be undertaken with DVLA.

Many transfers are now processed using the online services provided by the DVLA, meaning a faster service can be provided benefiting all concerned. The process from start to finish is usually around 10 days, but often much quicker. To conclude the process we make payment by electronic bank transfer unless payment by cheque is requested.

Number Plate Matching Service

Our matching service allows you to see how many clients we may have waiting for a number plate similar to yours. If you can not see a match you can request a valuation to sell a number plate. We can then advertise the number plate for you on a commission basis.

Questions about selling?

You might find the answer below, or please see our full FAQs page for more.

Can I sell my number plate to the DVLA?

No, the DVLA will not buy or re-sell number plates. DVLA only sell unissued registrations.

How long will my number plate take to sell?

A difficult question to answer but normally, the lower the price then the quicker it will sell. We will value your number plate showing our suggested retail price and the return price (net back to you). You are able to adjust the price (higher or lower) depending how quick you want to sell.

When will I receive the money?

Once we have found a buyer and the funds have been paid to our holding account, we can expedite the transfer. When the DVLA have confirmed the transfer is final then the funds will be transferred to your bank account. Most of the time this will be around seven days.

Can I ask multiple dealers to advertise my number plate?

Yes you can, however, please remember to notify each one once you have sold or the number is no longer for sale. Some dealers may take legal action if they have sold your number plate only to find that you have already sold it.

Do I have to pay anything for you to advertise my number plate?

No, there is no charge. We show you our mark up when we value your number. We make a small profit on the sale.

Will you buy my number plate straight away?

Possibly, we are actively buying number plates into stock. If we are interested in your number then we will make an offer with the valuation showing two prices. One to sell on your behalf and one to buy into our stock.

Where do you advertise?

We advertise in many areas, we have many partner sites online such as Google, Bing, Asian Wealth, Pinterest, Quora. We also advertise in paper magazines, however, this is becoming less frequent.