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Free number plate valuation service

Our experienced and knowledgeable valuers will carefully assess your registration mark to ensure the fairest prices are provided from the ‘sell a number plate’ valuation service.

By completing our Number Plate Valuation request form, you permit us to list your registration provisionally with ‘POA’ (Price on application) pending your acceptance to the quote.  You can amend the price to one that suits or remove the mark altogether at any time. There are no upfront fees and no obligation.

Unlike some of our competitors we do not use a computer programme to value registrations, which can be inaccurate, instead we use the expertise our people who have been selling them for many years!

CarReg provide a human written valuation, not an inaccurate computer-generated one.

Our valuations are often used by Solicitors for legal reasons such as probate, and occasionally we are asked to value number plates for the RMIF and HMRC.

Request a valuation

If we would like to buy your registration we will provide purchase information with your sales valuation.

How it all works when we sell on your behalf

Selling a number plate is easy and you are in safe hands with CarReg. Once we agree a sale with the customer and yourself, we will confirm the sale in writing via email (and post if required) which clearly states the amount we will pay you upon completion, what documentation we need from you (either the DVLA Certificate OR vehicle V5C), and your banking details where you wish to receive the funds.

Once we receive the requested documentation, we will arrange the swift transfer to our customer’s vehicle (once they have paid in full). If the purchaser is not looking to assign the registration mark straight away, then we will retain the number in their name off of the donor vehicle, or if the reg mark is already on a DVLA certificate a nominee name and address amendment will be undertaken with DVLA.

Many transfers are now processed using the online services provided by the DVLA, meaning a faster service can be provided benefiting all concerned. The process from start to finish is usually around 10 days, but often much quicker. To conclude the process we always make payment by same day bank transfer unless payment by cheque is preferred.

Number plate matching service

Our matching service allows you to see how many clients we may have waiting for a number plate similar to yours. If you can not see a match, you can request a written valuation to sell a number plate. We can then advertise the number plate for you on commission, or we may offer to buy the number plate outright with no waiting.

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