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Sell A Number plate valuation service

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff carefully assess your registration mark to ensure the fairest prices are given to you from our sell a number plate valuation service.

Unlike some of our competitors we do not use a computer programme to value registrations, which can be inaccurate, instead we use the expertise our people who have been selling them for many years! 

CarReg provide a human written valuation, not an inaccurate computer-generated one.

Our valuations are never guessed. CarReg valuations are often used by solicitors for legal reasons and occasionally we are asked to value number plates for the RMIF and HMRC.

Request a valuation

If we would like to buy your registration we will provide purchase information with your sales valuation.

Number plate matching service

Our matching service allows you to see how many clients we have waiting for number plates similar to yours. If you can not see a match, you can request a written valuation to sell a number plate. We can then advertise the number plate for you on commission, or we may offer to buy the number plate outright with no waiting.