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All E-Scooters To Be Fitted With Number Plates

All e-scooters in the UK are to be registered and to display actual front and rear number plates.

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Why buy from CarReg?

Established in 1988, we are members of all governing bodies, well respected, trusted agents and dealers. We are a government recognised reseller of DVLA registrations and a registered DVLA number plates supplier #27154. We make purchasing your new Car Reg as easy and secure as can be.



You might find the answer below, or please see our full FAQs page for more.

How much is my number plate worth?

The best way to find out is to request a FREE no obligation valuation, right here on our website.

Do you buy number plates?

Yes sometimes, but it depends on the plate. We will provide an outright purchase value if the number suits our ‘stock’ requirements at the time.

Do you take offers?

Yes, sensible offers are always welcome. Accepted offers usually fall within 10% of the asking price. (Offers tend not to be considered on number plates priced under £400, although we do offer Klarna ‘Pay in 3’ on those amongst our ‘Cherished Plates’ results)

What other costs are involved?

On all numbers an £80 DVLA transfer fee applies. On Government stock and company owned registrations, VAT is also applicable. The complete CarReg Transfer service (£25) and physical acrylic number plates (£22) are optional and can be added at checkout.

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