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Meanwhile - Licence Plates In The USA

Number plates or “Licence Plates” what they got away with in the USA…Do you remember our article about UK naughty number plates?

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Why buy from CarReg?

Established in 1988, CarReg are members of all governing bodies and are considered to be one of the most trusted and secure UK car registration dealers. Recognised Reseller of DVLA Personalised Registrations and Registered DVLA Number Plate Supplier #27154.

Why buy from CarReg?

For 30 years (1988 to 2018) we have supplied the public with some of the best private number plates available in the UK.  Our personalised plates database has grown over the years into one of the best in the industry with all styles of registrations available under one roof on our website – over 50 million of them.

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For registrations over £500 you can purchase your selected number plate by finance.  Just choose the ‘PAY MONTHLY’ option at the checkout.  Simply pay a 10% deposit and apply for finance online (subject to Hitachi Capital’s finance approval).

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Vehicle Registrations

The term ‘number plates’ is the commonly used word for what we sell but it is not actually the correct definition of our main product: Vehicle Registrations.

‘Number plates’ are often what we call the perspex plates fitted to the motor vehicle bearing the registration mark of the vehicle.  There are lots of names used for private registrations in the UK. Read the pages under Private Number Plates in the main menu to find out all about these; Personalised plates, Cherished Numbers,  Current plates, Prefix, Suffix and Dateless number plates.


The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is the government department of the UK responsible for managing vehicle related documents such as driving licences and vehicle registration V5C documents within Great Britain & Northern Ireland (including maintaining a database of licenced drivers and registered vehicles).

As well as issuing DVLA number plates, the DVLA administers driving endorsements, penalty points, transfers car registration numbers and organises the collection of vehicle excise duty (also known as road tax, car tax and road fund licence).

Car Registrations

All Make Your Own Car Registrations we supply are brand new and have never previously been used on a vehicle. We have over 50 million private car registrations you can choose from with many prefix and current style number plates available from only £279.

All car registrations originate from the DVLA, with many having being used on vehicles before and some just purchased by owners to keep as an investment. Our experienced buying team buy some of the most popular private registrations when they become available and add them to our exclusive stock list.

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