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Incognito Number Plates

It is often said by some, that they do not want a number plate that is personalised as they will get spotted everywhere they go, this does not have to be the case.  CarReg look at options for those wanting to stay undercover…!

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Here are just some of the number plates on offer.

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Why buy from CarReg?

Established in 1988, CarReg are members of all trade bodies and considered to be a trusted UK car registration dealers. Recognised Reseller of DVLA Registrations and a DVLA .GOV.UK Registered Number Plate Supplier #27154.

Why buy from CarReg?

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Learn More About Personalised Number Plates

The term ‘number plates’ is the most common word or term used for what we buy and sell however, it is not actually the correct definition of our main product or service. These days personalised number plates would maybe a more accurate description.

Number plates are actually the plastic perspex or acrylic plates fitted to the motor vehicle bearing the registration mark or identification number of the vehicle. There are lots of other synonyms used, it seems that the older generation would use the term cherished number plates, but also prefix and dateless number plates. Young drivers generally search for cheap number plates. You can find and buy prefix, suffix and dateless number plates that are truly personalised on this website.

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Learn More About DVLA Number Plates

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) is the government department in the UK responsible for managing vehicle related documents such as driving licences and vehicle registration (V5C) documents within Great Britain & Northern Ireland (including maintaining a database of licensed drivers and registered vehicles).

In the late 1980’s, the UK Government started selling DVLA number plates opening up a massive database of previously unissued registration numbers. As well as issuing and selling DVLA registrations, the DVLA administers driving endorsements, penalty points, transfers car registration numbers and organises the collection of vehicle excise duty (also known as road tax, car tax and road fund licence).

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Learn More About Private Number Plates

CarReg (short for car registrations) actually own many private number plates and hold them in stock ready for transfer. You can also make your own number plate which are ideal gifts. We supply brand new numbers which have never previously been issued or used on a vehicle, we have over 50 million private registrations to choose from with cheap number plates available from only £65. 

All private number plates originate from the DVLA, with many having being used on vehicles before with some just purchased as investments. Our experienced staff value and buy some of the most popular or sought after registrations when they become available and add them to our exclusive stock list.

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