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Gimmick Number Plates - Names & Words

To have your name or a word that means something to you on your number plate has been a popular choice for a number of years. The initials may not be related to the driver and can often raise an eyebrow or create a smile. We like to call them “Gimmick Number Plates”.

Since DVLA released the prefix range in the late eighties, there have been many words and names appearing on cars all over the UK. Some of the best know prefix plates with words have been K1 NGS, P1 LOT, S1 NGH, D4 NCE, D4 RTS, all making a small fortune for the UK treasury! Of course there are very similar numbers like K11 NGS and also K111 NGS which of course still look like “KINGS” but less expensive.

There are many suffix and current style number plates where names and words can be made and many humerous plates which we call gimmick number plates.  These can be someones hobby, sporting profession, other interests, nicknames etc.  CarReg have many fun, name and gimmick plates in stock.

Novelty Number Plates

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