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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell my cherished number plate?

There are a few options to sell a cherished number, you can try and sell yourself via the media, social media and eBay however many buyers like the security of a cherished number dealer. You can contact any dealer for a valuation to either sell on an agency basis or sell outright. The DVLA do not buy cherished number plates.

What is the most expensive cherished number plate?

CarReg value cherished car numbers everyday with valuations from a few hundred pounds then with some exceptions up to one million! Generally we would see numbers like single letters, number one (letters first) now reaching this level. Some owners say that they would never sell. We would say that ” A1 ” is the most valuable cherished number. CarReg would value this over one million pounds (if the owner decided to sell).

What is a cherished number plate?

The general public use many different terms however, within the industry, a cherished number plate is generally a more sought after or valuable car number.

How do I get a cherished number plate?

There are many established dealers who are members of governing bodies such as MIRAD, CNDA, RMIF and CNG. Try to avoid buying from eBay or social media, the authenticity of the number may not be true. Many dealers offer a full money back guarantee.