Perspex Personal Registration Number Plates

How to buy Perspex Number Plates

Find out what a number plate should look like to be legal.

When you buy the rights to use a personalised registration from Carreg you can choose whether you want us to supply the actual perspex number plates. You may decide that you would like to buy them from your local motoring DIY shop, if this is the case you will have to supply identification and proof that you are able to use the personal registration (V5C Registration Certificate or V750 or V778 certificates).  When purchasing from Carreg we already have the legal details required so there is no more paperwork for you!

Carreg Perspex Number Plates

Our personal plates have either Standard or three dimensional style letters , the front plate is bright white 3M reflective and the rear plate is bright yellow 3M reflective.  All plates supplied by us have a fine black border to suit all.

Already have a registration and just need the plates?  Then order on-line through our sister website Plates-Posted

vehicles. All personal plates made by us are of top quality, each set of plates are hand made and checked for any marks before they are released.  Once the plates have passed through quality control they are covered in a protective film, then the plates are packaged in a jiffy bag type envelope along with special adhesive tabs (for attaching the plates to your vehicle).  Your new plates should arrive the next day via normal Royal Mail post, they will fit through most letter boxes (this avoids you having the hassle of collection from your local Post Office if you are not home)

You may only attach your new personal registration plates once you have received your new V5C Registration Certificate or once you have the online notification from DVLA confirming the assignment has taken place.   If in the unlikely event you are not happy with your number plates, simply return them and we will be pleased to either reimburse you fully or offer you a replacement pair of personal plates you are satisfied with.

Tip: Don’t throw your old plates away; you may be able to re-use them in future. When you move your new registration, maybe to change to a new vehicle or just simply to take the registration off for whatever reason,  usually the original number will be allocated back.  Only on very rare occasions does the vehicle get issued with a different registration number.