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Questions & Answers

Here are our answers to some commonly asked questions about DVLA number plates. You can also try our FAQs page for more.

Would the DVLA actually buy my number plate?

No, DVLA will not buy back or re-sell number plates. The DVLA only sell previously unissued government stock.

Can I buy a number plate directly from the DVLA?

Yes, the DVLA do sell number plates, however their main sales are the current style (EG. AB11 ABC). Most sought after investment and collectable number plates have long been sold or issued, and are only available amongst the second hand marketplace owned by private individuals and dealers like

Where can I find the perfect registration for me?

There are many different names for number plates sold by the DVLA.  We (CarReg UK) are re-sellers of ‘Prefix’ & ‘Current’ style registrations. We offer these for sale on our website along with the more sought after variants that we call personalised, private or cherished registrations.

How do I transfer a number plate to my vehicle?

This Is easy, the number can be transferred online within a few minutes using the .Gov digital service for assignment.

Will my plates expire?

When you buy a number plate it is supplied on a Government Certificate of Entitlement which is valid for 10 years. You can then transfer to a vehicle at any time. If you wish to leave the number on the certificate for longer than 10 years, the certificate will need to be extended 1 month before the expiry date otherwise it can be lost.

Make your own plate

Looking for a unique and stylish gift idea? Buy unissued Prefix or Current style number plates directly from us using our simple Make Your Own Number Plate service!

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