DVLA Number Plates

The DVLA creates and records Vehicle Registrations and so has a key role to play in the provision of Private Number Plates. Many personalised number plates are offered directly from the DVLA’s number plate stock, comprising millions of unissued registrations.

This stock mainly includes Current and Prefix plates. You can browse and buy directly from this huge stock using our Make Your Own Number Plate service.

Within the industry terms DVLA Plates or DVLA Registrations identify unissued registrations sourced directly from the DVLA as opposed to those from private sales.

The DVLA became aware that certain registrations and number plates it had either issued to new vehicles or sold from its unused stock were being traded for significant sums.

This was usually because the registrations happened to resemble words or names. To capitalise on this the DVLA started reserving these plates and others including registrations with low numbers in order to sell through their auctions to achieve their true market value.

Expensive numbers sold at a DVLA auction include:-  25 0  £400,000  RECORD HOLDER!    DAV 1D,  S1 MON,  N1 GEL, ANN 1E, as well as short numbers like  1 0, 1 A,  1 00,  6 B, all made significant sums when sold at the time.    51 NGH which raised £245,000! Whilst S1 NGH “only” made £86,000 during a similar auction

The DVLA started selling reserved registrations in the late eighties, holding high value auctions at Christie’s and later Bonhams< selling numbers like “1 J”, “1 A” & “K1 NGS” (for £240,000).  ELL 1E sold for a big price back in 1991 for £35,000 and in 1996 both N1 CKY & P1 LOT sold for £55k and £66k respectively.  1 D went under the hammer and sold for a record £285,000,   1 RH made £196k and 1 O sold for £170k.  Most recently in Dec 2014 the record was broken once more with registration ’25 0′ making £400,000 on the hammer (for the valuable classic Ferrari 250)

Since then DVLA have played a major role within the personalised registrations industry releasing millions of new DVLA number plates into the UK vehicle registrations system.

The next DVLA Auction will be held at Cambridge Belfry Hotel, Cambridge  20th-22nd September 2017 - You can see more info here

DVLA Registered Reseller Of DVLA Registrations

CarReg – Registered DVLA Number Plate Supplier

There are now two different formats of DVLA registration, “prefix” style which are of the A123 ABC format and the “current” style which are of the AB51 ABC format.

Today, you can buy a DVLA registration number (From ONLY £170 – IDEAL GIFTS) “off the shelf”. You can browse the different combinations available or make your own DVLA number plates with Carreg.

Would you like to make your own prefix DVLA Number (EG: Y1 ABC) OR would You like to make your own current style DVLA Number Plate (EG: AB11 ABC)? Choose either from only £170, they really do make great gifts!

Choose which type of DVLA Plates you would like in three easy steps – From our Make Your Own DVLA Number Plate page;

  1. Select a prefix letter; A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J,K,L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y    (excl I,O,Q,Z)
  2. Select a number; 1 to 20, you can also choose multiples of ten (20,30 etc + 22,33 etc) and higher numbers like 100,200 etc and 111,222 etc.
  3. Select the letters you require, most people go for initials here but you may be lucky and find an abbreviation of your name like DRN for Darren, RUS for Russell or JAS/JSN for Jason!

DVLA Registrations – Buy Online

It is easy to choose your own DVLA registration, if the number plate is a gift we suggest you buy online as above and also choose to buy the actual perspex number plates. We will then send you the number plates ready for you to gift wrap and also the official DVLA V750 Certificate of Entitlement ready to insert into a gift card!  We have sold thousands of numbers this way for gifts, it really is that simple. So use the search box at the top of this page and start looking for your perfect DVLA registration number.