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Football Number Plates

Create your own Private Football Number Plate

Many people across the UK are passionate about football and some like to drive around with their number plate proudly showing the team they support.  Think about combining elements of your favourite team with your personal initials to tailor a private registration specific to you.  For example ‘John Doyle’ an Aston Villa fan, might go for number plates such as AV60 JON or JV11 LLA. Try our Make Your Own tool make your vehicle look top of the league!

Over the years some of the more special team related Football Number Plates have made huge sums of money selling at DVLA auctions and privately, with WEST HAM, ARSENAL, VILLA heading up the ‘most expensive football numberplates’ league table making £58320, £46656 and £45360 respectively.   

Football Number Plates currently available:


Prem league.webp

Arsenal - AFC, ARS, GUN  

Aston Villa - AV, AVFC, VILLA, AST, UTV

Bournemouth - BOU, AFCB, CHERRY

Brighton and Hove Albion - BHA

Chelsea - CFC, CHE

Crystal Palace - CPFC, PAL

Everton - EFC, EV*TON 

Fulham - FFC, FUL

Leeds United - LUFC, LEE, LU, L*UTD

Leicester City - LCFC, LEIC, LEC, FOX 

Liverpool - LFC, RED, LIV, KOP 

Manchester City - MCFC, MANCTY, MCR, BLUE, CITY

Manchester United - MU, MUFC, MANUTD, MCR. UTD

Newcastle United - NU, NEW, N_UTD, MAG

Southampton - SFC, SAINTS

Tottenham Hotspur - THFC, SPURS, TOT, 

West Ham United - WHU, HAM, IRON, W_UTD

Wolverhampton Wanderers - WWFC, WOL, WVS, WO_VES


Birmingham City - BCFC, BLUES, BHAM, KRO

Blackburn Rovers - BRFC, BLA, ROV, BR_ROV

Bolton Wanderers - BWFC, BW, BOL

Brentford - BFC, BRE, BEE

Bristol City - BCFC, BRI

Burnley - BUR, BFC, BU_LEY

Cardiff City - CCFC, BLUE 

Derby County - DCFC, DER, DBY, RAM

Huddersfield Town - HTFC, HUD

Hull City - HUL, HULL, HCFC, TIG

Ipswich Town - ITFC , IT

Middlesbrough - MFC, BRO, MID, BOR

Millwall - MILL, MFC


Nottingham Forest - NFFC, FOR, NOT

Preston North End - PNE, PRE

Queens Park Rangers - OPR , HOOP,  RAN

Reading - RFC, REA, ROYALS

Rotherham United - RU, ROTH, R*UTD

Sheffield United - SU, SHE, BLADES, S_UTD

Sheffield Wednesday - SWFC,  WED, OWL

Stoke City - SCFC, STOKE, POT

Swansea City - SWA, SCFC, SWANS, SW*AFC

Watford - WFC, WAT

West Bromwich Albion - WBA, ALBION,

Wigan Athletic - WAFC, WIG, WGN

The League Table of Highest grossing Sales at DVLA Auction since 1989

Rollover/Touch for SOLD auction prices

  • WE57 HAM £58,320
  • AR53 NAL £46,736
  • HU11 CTY £46,736
  • V1 LLA £45,440
  • ALB 10N £24,000
  • BR15 TOL £20,168
  • DER 8Y £18,872
  • M417 UTD £17,835
  • S41 NTS £14,984
  • PRE 570N £11,953
  • MA17 CTY £10,448
  • W1 GAN £9,806
  • UN11 TED £9,670
  • EVE 270N £9,411
  • S7 OKE £8,038
  • WO11 VES £7,856
  • SPU 12S £7,856
  • FU11 HAM £7,208
  • P41 ACE £6,949
  • CHE 153A £5,663


  • EN61 AND £15,632
  • FOO 71E £8,795
  • F4 CUP £14,595
  • GOA 1S £9,048
  • 6 OAL £9,175

AV1 Doug Ellis The late Sir Doug Ellis, lifelong Villa fan and once Chairman with registration AV 1 adorning his Rolls Royce.

If your name or initials are just not your thing, then a private reg incorporating something relating to your beloved football team could be just what you’re after!

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