Gifts & Vouchers

If you have left it a little late or unsure which number to buy then Buy A Carreg Gift Voucher!  You choose the value, that amount can be used against any number plate on our system 

The voucher will be emailed directly to you within a few minuets - Directly To Your Inbox! You can then print it off ready to insert into a gift card!

Its Quick & So Very Easy…

Ideal If Unsure Or Left It A Little Late..

Number plates are personalised and everlasting and so easy to buy for a gift. Prefix & Current Style number plates are by far the most popular type of numbers purchased for gifts due to their affordability.  Examples of prefix number plates are A17 ABC – B14 CRF.  An example of a Current number plate is the format  AB66 AJB and prices for this type of number plate start from only £170 and can be provided to customers on an official DVLA Certificate valid for 10 years.  Once transferred it can be kept on the vehicle for as long as you wish.  The most difficult part of the process is deciding on which one to buy so please contact us or give us a call if you need any help choosing.

Our office hours are Monday to Saturday (9-5 Mon to Fri) and (9-3 Sat)  the number to call is 01902 791 997

Aimee Kennedy, married on 25 July, received the registration number T25 ALK as a wedding gift from her new husband.  He chose the registration number as it displayed her new initials, the date of their Wedding day, but also because she talks alot!

Carreg Gift Voucher

If you are not sure which registration to buy or you would like to contribute part of the cost of a registration plate then we can supply a Carreg Gift Voucher at no extra cost.  Simply select the amount you wish to gift ,  then the recipient can use the voucher for or against any number plate showing on our website at We offer a £50 discount on vouchers purchased valued over £1000 plus FREE perspex number plates! Contact us or give us a call to arrange your discount or simply to find out more about our gift voucher service. Please call 01902 791 997 during office hours (Mon-Sat 9-5)