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19 Series Released this November

The 19 series will be made available in readiness for new vehicles 1st March 2019 with millions of combinations up for grabs.

This release will mark the final release of the decade, except for the 69 series which will be released next Spring ready for vehicles registered in September next year. This will be an opportunity for you to pick up a very special number plate for yourself or loved one. There will be almost 8 million new registrations added to circulation, with many names and words becoming available to buy for the very first time.

However, many of these combinations are only available for an open-sale period until the 31st December, so if you are looking for something specific or would like to make-your-own 19 plate then we advise to do so now to avoid disappointment.

Going by statistics from previous releases, the most popular marks get snapped up by investors, traders and the public within the first hours of going on sale with approximately 3000 new numbers selling on the first day of release. Some common searches and popular (in-demand) plates will include:-

  • AN19 REW
  • AN19 ELA
  • AU19 REY
  • BA19 NEY
  • CL19 RKE
  • CH19 LDS
  • DE19 BYS
  • DE19 LAN
  • DO19 ALD
  • EL19 NOR
  • EL19 OTT
  • FR19 NKY
  • GR19 HAM
  • HA19 PER
  • HA19 RYS
  • JO19 NNY
  • JO19 HUA
  • KE19 RAN
  • LE19 STA
  • LE19 NNE
  • MA19 TYN
  • MU19 RAY
  • NO19 TON
  • OL19 VER
  • PA19 KER
  • RO19 ERT
  • RH19 NDA
  • SH19 RON
  • SM19 THY
  • SO19 PHY
  • ST19 CEY
  • TE19 ESA
  • TE19 SLA
  • TH19 RPE
  • TR19 CEY
  • WL19 SON

19 series registrations can only be assigned to vehicles registered on or after March 2019. If you don't have a brand new 19 reg vehicle to put it on (as many people will not) you can keep the number plate on a retention document for upto 10 YEARS and use whenever you are ready.

Other ideas to make something unique and personal for you include :-

His & Hers initials, RS19 JMS (Ron Smith, Julie M Smith)

Your Initials , followed by Kids initials i.e RS19 HTE (Ron Smith, Harry, Tom, Ella)

Initials at the start, name at then end RS19 RON ...

Dont delay, even if its not a 19 series plate you are after, Christmas is less than 50 days away! Link to SEARCH but here are some 18 series name plates which are currently available

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