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CarReg Private Number Plates London

CarReg Private Number Plates - London

From time to time, clients feel the need visit us to personally to either deliver or collect vehicle documents or even pop in for a good old face to face chat about personalised or private number plates. We are centrally located just to the North of the City of Wolverhampton, with our office in rural Staffordshire but have many clients in the South of England.

To facilitate the needs of some clients based in the southern parts of the UK, we are pleased to announce that CarReg have a second office in the heart of Central London, at 4 Old Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K 1QW. Just around the corner from HR Owen Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari & Bugatti. As with our Wolverhampton sales office (and most other offices these days), any visitors must be by appointment only.

For much of our business, both sales and administrational services can be efficiently handled through our company website and communications over the telephone and via email. The majority of personalised & private Number plate transfers are now conducted using the DVLA online services, occasionally we need to meet certain clients to discuss some specific requirements or simply to provide that personal touch to their buying (or selling) experience.


We have recently sold some top quality super plates in London such as P2, V6, KAZ 1, MJB 1, H1, RW 1, 11S, MO 8 plus many more! Of course there are many patriotic drivers around London with abbreviations for London like LDN, EA57 LDN but the most prolific would have to be LO11 DON priced at £105,000. Of course it is great to be patriotic (especially now with queens jubilee this year) however, on our website, you can find much cheaper numbers like UK22 GBR for just £287 - Many other options starting UK or with GBR or LDN.

As always, please see our home page to find your perfect personalised or private number plate