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Dodgy Driver Personalises Number Plates with Paint

Dodgy Driver Personalises Number Plates with Paint

Every day, traffic police officers across the UK encounter drivers on the nation’s roads with dodgy personalised number plates. Common faults include having the wrong colour plates, incorrect fonts and spacing, and using coloured screws or bolts to change a number or letter.

However, one driver in Derbyshire took stupidity to another level by painting out parts of his number plate to make a totally bodged DIY personalised plate. Officers from Derbyshire police spotted a white Ford Fiesta in Erewash with very unusual-looking plates and decided to pull the car over for a closer look.

They discovered that the number plates should have read as “#888 RKY” but, as well as having incorrect spacing, the dopey driver had used yellow paint to cover up parts of the number 8 digits so that his plates looked like “# SPARKY”.

The police took a photo of the offending number plate and posted it on Twitter, describing the driver as an “absolute chancer”. They only showed the rear plate, but presumably the front plate had been given similar treatment with white paint to complete the car’s “customised” appearance.

The driver, who is obviously not the brightest spark, was given a severe talking to by the police to point out the error of his ways. He was also given a ticket which could have landed him with a large fine to pay.

Use an Accredited Number Plate Supplier

There are strict regulations for number plates in the UK. You can only legally buy number plates from a registered supplier such as CarReg. You can’t change the size or style of the font, alter the spacing of the numbers and letters, use a different colour plate, or use coloured screws to alter the appearance of a number or letter.

You could face a fine of up to £1,000 and your car could fail its MOT test. Repeat offenders can have their personalised number plates permanently withdrawn, leaving them even more out of pocket.

At CarReg, we have more than 30 years’ experience and, as well as being a registered number plate supplier, we’re members of all governing bodies. When you buy a personalised number plate from us, we make it as easy and secure as possible – and legal!