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The Muscle Car Of The 21st Century

The AVIAR R67 – a 1960s Muscle Car for the 21st Century

Imagine the classic styling of a 1967 Ford Mustang fastback combined with the electric power and technology of the latest Tesla Model S. Well, that is what Russian car maker AVIAR Motors has achieved with its R67 project.

AVIAR founder, Aleksey Rachev, said, “In charisma and style, muscle cars of the 60s have no equal. I could not let these wonderful cars be left no more than in the pages of history. We tried to catch the spirit of the legendary cars of the 60s and rethink it in a modern way.”

Let’s have a look at this 21st-century reimagining of the original Pony supercar.


The AVIAR R67 looks just like a classic ‘60s Mustang with its long, bulging bonnet, sleek muscular profile, and the sporty rear end with the signature three-bar taillights. However, the body is constructed from strong and lightweight composite and aluminium.

The exterior features include distinctive LED lights, 20-inch forged alloy wheels, keyless entry with slide-out backlit door handles, and auto-dimming heated door mirrors.


Inside, you’ll find hints of its 1960’s heritage with touches like the round air vents, but that’s where the similarity ends. It has body-hugging leather heated sports seats, a 12-way adjustable driver’s seat with memory, a fully digital instrument cluster, dual-zone climate control with a HEPA air filtration system, a heated flat-bottomed steering wheel, LED ambient lighting, and a panoramic sunroof.

The infotainment system offers a 17-inch touchscreen, navigation and on-board charts, voice control, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular internet, and a custom seven-speaker sound system

Power and Performance

The R67 features electric motors, battery, gearbox, suspension and electronics manufactured by Tesla. The all-wheel-drive system features two motors, one on each axle, to provide instantaneous response with maximum torque of 967 rpm and power output of 840 horsepower. It will pin you into your seat as it accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.2 seconds and takes you to a top speed of over 155 mph.

For the optimum handling at various speeds, the adaptive air suspension varies the ground clearance from 119mm to 192mm. An automatic antiwing spoiler extends at speeds over 75 mph. Four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes and an electronic parking brake provide confident stopping power.

The 100-kWh lithium-ion battery is situated beneath the car for safety and optimal weight distribution. It offers a range of up to 315 miles on a full charge and is compatible with Supercharge Tesla charging station connectors.

Personalised Number Plates

Driving the AVIAR R67 around town will certainly get you noticed, but it would look even better with personalised number plates. For the Pony car, you could have PON 11Y, MUS 7A for Mustang, or how about MU55 CLE for your new muscle car, all of which are available from CarReg.

CarReg offers a search feature to help you find your perfect plates. Alternatively, if you know the number you want but can’t find it, register for email alerts and the experts at CarReg will help to find your plates for you.