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Tips On How To Keep Your Car Secure

Tips on how to keep your vehicle and its contents secure

For many people, their cars are their pride and joy. It is also true to say that we all rely on our cars for getting about in daily life and being able to do all we need. With this in mind, it is therefore essential to keep your vehicle and its contents safe. This not only prevents them from being stolen but also means you do not have the hassle and emotional upheaval of dealing with such an event. But what are the best tips to help car owners do this?

Fit personalised number plates

When it comes to protecting your vehicle and its contents, a personalised number plate may not be the first thing that springs to mind. After all, don't personalised number plates make your car stand out more? You would be right to say this - but this is what could make them so effective. Thieves may actually be put off by a car with a personalised registration plate because they are so easily identifiable.

Not only could members of the public be more likely to recall seeing your vehicle go by if stolen, but the car may also be more likely to catch the eye of passing police patrols. For this reason, fitting a personalised number plate could make sure that thieves leave your vehicle well alone!

Lock your doors and shut your windows

This may sound a very obvious tip and in truth, it is. It is also something many people do not always do and this can leave your vehicle in real danger. Keeping your car and its contents safe is all about making it as hard as possible for potential thieves to access it. If you leave your doors unlocked or windows open when you're not around, you are putting your vehicle at risk, even if you're just nipping back into your house for a minute or into a shop to grab something quickly. Thieves only need a few seconds to jump in through an open door to drive off or grab possessions off the back seat through an open window. It is therefore advisable to always lock your vehicle and fully shut its windows when you are not there.

Do not leave possessions on view

This tip will not only help stop your vehicle being targeted for a break-in but will also help to protect its contents too. One of the main things thieves keep an eye out for is vehicles with tempting possessions on show, such as a laptop case left on the passenger seat or a tablet visible on the back seats. It is, therefore, best to stop your vehicle and its contents becoming a target by not leaving anything on display.

Choose where you park carefully

It is not usually a great idea to park in deserted, unlit areas if you can help it. Thieves will target vehicles which are on their own or in poorly lit locations because it is much easier for them to steal items without being noticed. Parking somewhere with multiple vehicles, on the other hand, will put them off, as there is more chance of other car owners coming back to see what they are doing. By the same token, you should try to avoid parking up in an area that is known for having high levels of crime.

Think about using tracking tech

Technology has come on leaps and bounds in all areas of our lives. This is certainly the case when you look at the vehicle tracking tech you can fit now. This cutting-edge technology is installed discreetly onto your vehicle and then helps track its location via a smartphone app. But how can this help protect your vehicle and what is in it?

In simple terms, it allows you to keep tabs on your car at all times and know when it has moved without you in it. The handy tracking app also tells you exactly where it is so the police can be informed. This means that they can apprehend the thieves quickly and get your car back before it disappears for good.

Great value personalised plates with CarReg

Here at CarReg, we have been selling great value personalised number plates across the UK since 1988. As noted above, a personalised plate is a very effective way of keeping your vehicle and its contents secure. They also add an extra bit of style and customisation to any car. Why not browse our website to find your perfect one today?