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What Is The Value Of Your Number Plate?

How To Value Your Number Plate - What Is Your Number Plate Worth?

Do you have a private plate with an interesting backstory? Or perhaps you have a number plate that displays a quirky number or personalized wording? Do you want to know what it’s worth in the current market? Well, Carreg can help provide you with a quick - and accurate - number plate valuation.

Just Curious about Your Number Plate Value?

Perhaps you’re not in the market to sell a private plate just yet, but want to find out the number plate value of a particular registration. Or perhaps you are interested in finding out the value of a plate before buying from a third party. No matter the reason, if you are curious and need information about the value of a registration, give us a call at 01902 791 997, and we will gladly provide you with a free, no-obligation number plate valuation.

Selling a Registration? First Get a Number Plate Valuation

If you have a car number plate, and are thinking about selling it, obtaining the current market value is your first step.

Carreg offers an automated online number plate valuation service that is open to those who are actively in the market to sell and post their registration number on our website. Use this form to request a valuation for your number plate.

The Online Number Plate Valuation Process at Carreg

Once you complete the form, your plate number will automatically appear on our website with ‘POA’. Thereafter, someone from our knowledgeable CarReg valuation team will provide a valuation to you by email within 48 hours.

  • Once the form is submitted, your plate number will automatically appear on our website with ‘POA’ pending your approval to the agreement.
  • Please respond by using the link on the automated valuation email that will be sent to you. Here you can review the suggested price and approve or adjust, or you can also remove the registration mark from the system if necessary.

Private Plate Valuation

In certain private plate valuations, we will assess number plate value through a dedicated analysis of your plate’s details. Our valuers have many years experience in the industry and can find the right information for special private number plates. They look at what's trending in private car registrations - factors such as words, names, and phrases. We are also available to offer advice on what price to expect on a given number plate.


For those asking “how much is my number plate worth”, or “value my number plate”, you’ve come to the right place. Car Reg is a family owned business that’s been around for more than 30 years. We have vast experience with even the most unusual number plate valuation cases, and are confident that you will find our service friendly, fair and agreeable. Thank you for choosing to provide an opinion on your number plate value!

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