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3177 U

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This is not a personalised number plate that we own, so please enquire and one of our team will check with the owner and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Friendly, Safe & Secure, our customer service is first and foremost. Established in 1988 with over 30 years experience, our priority is providing the best service possible every time. Buying a personalised or private number plate couldn’t be easier with our experts on hand to offer guidance and advise where necessary. We hope you find purchasing your Car Reg a simple, hassle free experience



You might find the answer below, or please see our full FAQs page for more.

Can the number plate 3177 U go onto any vehicle?

Yes, this registration is known as a ‘dateless’ format, so it can be put on any vehicle regardless of its age or date of manufacture.

How does it work?

The entire process is very easy and straight forward, rest assured CarReg have many years of experience and our trained, friendly staff are on hand to guide you through process from start to finish.

Simply place your order online and the paperwork will be dispatched to you, or we will be in touch should we require anything more from you to complete the transfer. If you have any specific questions, it’s worth having a read through our FAQ page.

Can I buy this number plate as a gift?

Yes, of course! All registrations can be supplied for you to gift to the lucky recipient. Simply name them as the “Nominee” on the easy order page. You can also purchase the physical number plates from us to present to the person you are buying for. Private number plates have long been popular personalised gifts for any occasion which can last a lifetime.

What happens to my original registration?

Your original registration makes way for the new one and DVLA keep this aside for reallocation if you decide to take the personalised registration off the vehicle. If the original registration is of value and you wish to keep it, for example to use on another car, then you must retain it first online, paying a DVLA fee of £80. This can be done on the .GOV website (Google “Take registration off vehicle”).

How long does it take?

Generally for us to supply the actual number plates will only take a few days. We can supply a V750 certificate (ready for online transfer) in your requested name within 5 working days. If you want us to transfer your new number plate to your vehicle for you, this can generally be done within ten days (or quicker). Times are getting faster as the DVLA increase the number of online applications.

I don't have a vehicle, can I still buy the number number plate?

Yes you can! In the majority of cases you can hold the registration number on a Certificate for up to 10 years from the date of purchase, and transfer it to a vehicle once you have one available to receive it. If you are in the process of buying a vehicle and are due to receive your V5C document, then you can supply the details to us upon receipt of the document from the DVLA in your name and address.

Is the CarReg ordering system secure?

Of course, 100%.  CarReg have been buying and selling personalised number plates for well over 30 years, way before the internet started. We also confirm that payment details are never stored in any of our systems. CarReg established in 1988 are members of all trade governing bodies, recognised by DVLA and is a well respected family run business. We invest continually to make sure our systems are totally safe and secure. In addition, CarReg provide a full money back guarantee!

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