Private Number Plates

With prices starting from only £170 for a “Make Your Own” plate, the industry allows those on a tight budget to buy private registrations without breaking the bank. Indeed, fashionable private number plates are seen regularly on cars of younger drivers.

An example would be our client Brian Bird, who called us wanting to upgrade his “B7 BMB” plate, originally bought from us for £399. Choosing “44 BB” at a retail price of more or less £9,000, is he just throwing his money away on vanity?

No! In over 20 years at the pinnacle of the registration industry we have seen that private number plates have been consistently good investments. Those bought at fair market value rarely loose money. Brian is almost guaranteed to at least get his money back should he wish to sell “44 BB” later, and can reasonably expect to make a profit if and when he decides to part with this exclusive mark!

Often we can part exchange your original private plate or sell on commission. Commission sales usually raise more, but may take longer.

In addition, Brian is able to re-sell “B7 BMB” through us without charge, a standard part of our purchase agreement. Of course he could also choose to retain his original purchase for the future.

And let’s not forget that whilst his investment continues to mature, Brian can actually use his special number plate, rather than the money being simply stuck in a bank account or shares!

Investing In Private Number Plates

Here at Carreg we have noticed sales of private number plates have rapidly escalated over the last few years. Knowledgeable customers are aware that rare private number plates – especially the dateless – have historically been fantastic investments.

If “JS 1″ was on sale today it would sell for around £200,000. “VU 1″ would fetch around £15,000.

Some private registrations have performed along the same lines as, or sometimes better than, traditional investments such as works of art, antiques and property. And of course private number plates need no up-keep or maintenance.

The more common initials will always be better sellers: a private number plate with “S” at the end. For example, “JS 1″

Choosing Your Private Plate

There are many different styles of number plates to choose from, and you can make yours individual in many ways for a truly personalised plate!

You can make a prefix plate such as “A5 JON” using our Make Your Own service. First select the prefix (in this case the letter “A”), then choose from one to three numbers (here we’ve gone for “5″). Lastly pick the final three letters: the “JON” part on the example. Here you may be lucky enough to get your name or part of your name. Many of our customers will choose their initials or those of their spouse or children.

With new current style private number plates like “AB55 CDB” you could choose your initials as the prefix letters – AB on our example – then maybe choose your wife’s initials (here “CDB”).

But you’re not limited to names and initials! You may want something to match your favourite sport like LBW (cricket), POT or CUE (snooker).

The possibilities go on for ever so for some ideas about how to design the perfect private number plate visit our Number Plate Ideas section!