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24 Series Number Plates Out This Week

Every year there are two new releases for newly registered vehicles. The new registrations take effect on 1st March and 1st September each year.

Released on 7th November 2023 in readiness for 1st March 2024 will be the "24 SERIES". These can only be used on brand new registered vehicles which are registered from 1st March 2024 onwards. However you do not need to have a new vehicle or even be thinking about getting one to purchase a registration. Each registration can be held on a V750 Certificate of Entitlement document which is valid for 10 years from the date of 1st possible use (28/02/2034) or the date of purchase if made after 1st March 2024.

If you dont have a new car to have AB24 ABC etc, we have many stock. A24 *** (prefix) which can make people think your car is new! but suitable for vehicles reg after Aug 1983

B24 , C24, D24, E24 , F24, G24, H24 etc. check our selection online today or search our Prefix options.

Many parents sometimes purchase a personalised registration to mark the arrival of the new baby, which could incorporate the babies initials the number 24 (birth year) and 3 letters at the end being initials or 3 letter name. JB24 JOE, OM24 OLY, MS24 MOL etc

DVLA have been promoting via their twitter account registrations such as OR24 NGE, BA24 AAR, PA24 RTY, GT24 GTS, JJ24 MES, DW24 YNE, SC24 PPY, JO24 NNE

Others we highlighted which were in high demand included GR24 HAM, FR24 SER, FR24 NKY, FR24 NCE. Many other popular names and words will be held back for future DVLA Online Auction where the final price will be the highest bidder. Some of these include HU24 CAN (Lamborghini model HURACAN) , JA24 SON, CA24 TER to name just a few.

What year is the DVLA '24 plate? The '24 plate is for vehicles registered between 1st March and 1st September 2024. Vehicles registered after September will display a '74 reg plate instead. However any car younger than 1st March 2024 can use a personalised 24 registration and they can be transferred onto other vehicles in the future at the usual DVLA transfer fee cost (currently £80)

Make your own current style number plate...