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DVLA publish Vehicle Tax Evading Excuses

DVLA have released the imaginative excuses motorists dream up to try and evade a penalty fine for driving untaxed vehicles. Some of them we're sure you will agree are rather amusing!

Here they are:-

- I would have taxed my van but my bitter ex put four live chickens in it

- I’m about to start a prison sentence so could you hang onto my ice cream van until I get out?

- I know it was untaxed, but didn’t think you’d clamp cars in a heatwave

- I forgot to tax it as I was looking after the kids (aged 19 & 26!!)

- I couldn’t tax my car as I’ve had man flu and have been in bed for 4 weeks

- My dog ate the reminder

DVLA recognise that the vast of motorists are law abiding and do tax their vehicles on time, but still some who choose not to. (DVLA are adamant that with the use of ANPR and undercover DVLA cameras these people will not get away with it)

Taxing vehicles online is very easy, so there really is no excuse! Vehicle owners can check the tax (and MOT) status of their vehicle anytime at .GOV.UK

Our message is clear, don't play chicken with vehicle tax! It is against the law !
Whilst the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency are clamping down on untaxed motorists DVLA also have many registrations for sale such as UN11 TAX and UN02 TAX!

Here are our pick of 'excuse related' private number plates