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How Noticeable are Private Registrations?

It is said that vehicle graphics can be seen by over 3000 people per hour and some 91% of drivers notice adverts on trucks. This statement clearly makes us understand why vehicle livery is a cost effective way of promoting a business and getting noticed.

Can the same be said for personalised number plates? Do people actually notice them or is it only short or very obvious personalised plates that make catchy names or words which get the attention?

Vehicle livery on companies fleet vehicles are seen to be very important for brand identity for businesses whether big or small. For instance we can all recognise a Police car based upon the design regardless of the make or model of vehicle. Likewise large national businesses such as SKY, BT, Amazon and UK supermarkets who all have nationwide delivery services proudly show off the company colours and logos across their vehicle fleet making them instantly recognisable due to their established brand identities we're accustomed to seeing in our daily lives.

Back in 2020, online used car retailer, Cazoo purchased more than a hundred and fifty CAZ number plates for its fleet of vans/trucks and multi vehicle transporters, ranging from CAZ 119, CAZ 2022 and CA21 ZOO. The company formed in 2018 identified personalised number plates as an additional way to grow their brand and uniform the fleet.

What Stands Out - Several factors could play a part in how noticeable a private number plate can be, such as vehicle type or vehicle type or colour. A brightly coloured "lime green" or "flame orange" Lamborghini for example stands out from the crowd and are difficult to drive down the street unnoticed, in comparison to so-called everyday cars. In this case its more difficult to ascertain whether you notice the number plate or the car, probably the car first number plate after. Stand out luxury and premium cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche and Rolls Royces rarely need any help in attracting our attention.

Fiat500 Image std reg.jpg Fiat500 Image3 - 3D.jpg

Some people we talk to who are not owners of personalised number plates say they feel their manoeuvres would be noticed more if they had a personalised plate. The same could be said for drivers of certain cars as mentioned above or maybe just a little social anxiety / paranoia. Those that wish to appear inconspicuous may have that view as there is no doubt some private registrations are easy to recognise and remember.

What kind of number plate buyers are there?
If you already have a one, which group are you ?

1. The Connoisseur. Extremely discerning taste where only the very best will do. Number 1's , very short plates or names spelt perfectly such as 9 C, 1 DR or J4 MES

2. The Narcissist. The kind of buyer who is seeking to receive attention and to be admired everywhere they go and they probably take a selfie whilst they're there to post on instagram!

3. The Extrovert. Confident buyers who purchase something with their name, initials or word and depending on the vehicle they adorn, some might scream "look at me".

4. The Introvert. Might choose something subtle or discreet , perhaps to disguise the age of an aging vehicle.

5. The Investor. Do their research and only buy if the price is right so they can sell on for a profit.

Many private number plates get passed down the generations like a family heirloom and in these cases the current owners have not necessarily made a conscious choice to purchase a personalised number plate. Some may simply associate the registration with their Father or Grand Fathers vehicle. Others are gifted to the recipients. Private number plates have been a popular gift ideas for drivers of all ages but particularly young drivers when they pass their test, graduate, or turn 18 or 21.

To conclude how noticeable number plates are will depend on how perceptible the individual is walking down the street. These days many are distracted with mobile phone devices with their attention being held elsewhere, so some people may take less notice than we think. To be seen these days you probably have to make a much bigger noise and be more outlandish compared to decades gone by.

We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you notice personalised number plates or not? Looking to purchase one for yourself to stand out from the crowd? then look no further and start your search today