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Our number plate viewing tool, is brand new and exclusive to CarReg. It is completely FREE to use for all of our visitors , customers from the past, present and future.

How Number Plate Viewer works ?

Ever wanted to see just how a particular registration will actually look on a vehicle - either the one you currently own, a vehicle you may be looking forward to owning in the near future , or perhaps one you dream of owning some day when your lottery numbers come in! We have 30 images to choose from or simply upload your own from your photo library on your device.


Free to use for everyone

Use our free to use tool and play around until your heart's content. You don't have to own or be buying the registration in question, but it might just help you make your mind up if you are undecided between the many options that are available.

Whether you are actually looking to purchase a registration for a real vehicle now or in the future, this tool can hopefully assist in making that all important decision on buying the right private plate that works for you, both in how it looks and what is affordable.

Furthermore, our Number Plate Viewer can just be used to create Car & Registration images just for fun, which can then be printed and/or downloaded which could be used for designing birthday cards, gift cards or for other celebrations , stag do's hen doo's , engagement's, wedding presents , the list goes on. Registrations can be made up to incorporate words/ names / numbers which can be birth dates, years or milestone birthdays, anniversaries or even favourite football teams.

  • J21 ALX
  • AMY 40
  • 50 JON
  • 70 PAT
  • M155 EMA
  • RJP 69R
  • MY20 LOV
  • WE 10VE U
  • JK22 LFC
  • MA17 CTY
  • 1 JUN

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