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Back in the family

A Personalised Number Plate can mean so much more than just a few numbers/letters on a vehicle. They can hold great meaning, sentiment and be a way of holding on to fond memories of a loved one no longer with us.

Back to the 80's One of our recent customers, had a wonderful heart-warming story to tell us upon completion of the transfer. You could say he went Back to the future or back to the eighties!

Registration mark GO 92 , an original 1931 issue, was once owned by by Mr Quirk's late Father from around 1975 until some time in the early nineteen eighties. The registration adorned several immaculate sports cars he owned, notably a Jensen Interceptor and as Russell recalls a bronze coloured Aston Martin V8 Vantage where the registration belonged for several years. GO92 - number plate on the Aston martin

He felt the registration was classy, yet fun and looked a smart addition to his sporty motorcars. Now back with the Quirk family for the first time in 40 years, Mr Quirk, of Brentwood, Essex, is naturally delighted to have it back and assigned to his pride and joy , a 1992 Porsche 911 Turbo.

Mr Q, is now looking to acquire number plates for his 3 teenage daughters. If you're reading this and have children of your own , either young ones or in their teens, it's never too soon to start looking and acquiring personalised numbers for the future. Over time, prices will tend to rise, so definitely worth buying early if you can.

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Earlier this year we had another customer who purchased a registration her Grand Father owned as a surprise birthday gift for for her Dad. Unfortunately when her Grand Father passed, half siblings on the other side of the family from a second marriage inherited the registration mark and chose to sell it. Several years later the opportunity came to purchase it and we hope he cherishes it for many years to come.

It seems sentimental reasons play a big part in peoples decisions and desire to own certain private numbers which they can associate with from childhood or other times in their lives. There is something very nostalgic about owning a cherished number with years of history attached, which could have been on dozens of cars over time.

Whilst we cannot locate old registrations and some good fortune is required in many cases to be able to buy-back specific registrations, we can help with finding that perfect number plate in other ways, or help source something similar.