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How to make Names and Words out of number plates

The '74 Series' Release

Next month on Wednesday 1st May 2024 the new release of "74" series will become available for purchase in readiness for use on brand new vehicles registered on or after 1st September 2024. The 74 series could be ideal for those celebrating a "50th birthday" this year who will of course have been born in the year 1974, half a century ago! You can browse all of the available 74 series on the CarReg website from Monday 22nd April. Many popular combinations that make names and words historically get snapped up on the release day, so get in quick if you wish to secure a specific registration.

Now in the 23rd year since the introduction of the new format in September 2001 which commenced with the "51" series, followed by "02" the following year in March 2002. This format has 7 characters, starting with two letters, a two digit date/year identifier followed by three letters such as OO74 BND (which could depict 007 BOND )

Banned Number Plates

Every year DVLA ban a selection of numbers which could be offensive, whether it be racial , sexual , homophobic including LGBTQ+ and number plates which could reference violence or incite hate. Some numbers /letter combinations have always remained banned (GOD / JEW/ SEX) although some have been carefully considered and released through auctions in the past including H1 NDU, KR15 HNA, E5 SEX, SEX 1E).

Arguably a few have slipped through the net over the years aswel, for example 151 S (ISIS) which sold for £12,000 at DVLA Auction back in 2009. Other numbers have slipped through the net in the past which DVLA later tried to ban or withdraw but those already leaked into the market place are difficult to confiscate from the holders without good reason or adequate compensation.

Banned 74 Series

The 74 series banned list includes *S74 BBR (STABBER) and AT74 CKU (ATTACK U), UH74 TER (U HATER ), TR74 NNY (TRANNY), SP74 ZZZ, TW74 WAT, CH74 NKY, *W74 NKS, BL74 CKY, BE74 END aswel as anything **74 NAL and **74 RSE. There are many others on the banned list some of which come as no surprise, whilst some combinations are not really that clear or obvious what they imply.

Making Names and Words with Prefix number plates

First names, family names can also be made using prefix number plates which range from 5 to 7 characters depending on the number of digits of the numeric. Eg. J4 MES, (sold for £22,500+ fees back in 1998) J41 MES or J411 MES. J24 MES (Sold for £4100 at Auction in 2019), J61 MES (£7000), J43 MES (£6030) are all good examples of numbers resembling the name 'JAMES'. Back in May 2020 during the first Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown J42 MES made a freakishly high price achieving £80,020 in a DVLA Timed auction sale.

Some names can be made perfectly and some less than perfect. S1 NGH, N1 CKY, N1 GEL, R1 CKY, S4 RAH would all be fine examples of perfection on a number plate when making a name, whereas substituting another number would still look good for each of those names but wouldnt be as valuable. The further away the appearance of the registration goes from the name or word in question the lower the value would generally go.

Prefix numbers currently available include D444 RTS (Darts) , D21 RYL (Daryl), H33 RBS (Herbs) , B24 EAD (Bread) , B21 KER (Baker or Biker?) and C24 ARK (Clark)

Making Names and Words with Current Style

As with this format there remains a 2 digit in the middle of the number plate. Some simply make a word/name and ignore the numeric such as JA67 SON or JA14 MES whilst other number plates will utilise the numerics as substitutes for letters in order to appear like the desired name or word such as KR15 HNA (KRISHNA) £180,000 in 2015 RU55 ELL £62,000 in 2006 (RUSSELL) , MR51 NGH £80,000 in 2006 (MR SINGH) HA12 LEY (HARLEY) , SM11 THY £28,500 in 2012 (SMITHY), JA11 MES (JAMES) (made just £8500 in 2012) whilst anything BO55*** lends itself well to make the word 'BOSS' followed by 3 letters.

12 = R, 13 = B , 14 = A or H, 15 = IS or S, 55 = SS , 16 = IG, 66 = GG, 17 = N, D, or IT, 67 = GT, 68 = GB 74 = TA, these are just a few examples of how the numeric can be substituted for letters.

HA24 VEY = HARVEY, GR18 CES = GRACES, BO11 BBS = BOBS, SOII UND = SOUND, KN21 GHT = KNIGHT, BE12 RRY = BERRY are just a few examples of names or words on the market at the time of writing.

The 74 series could give opportunity to purchase the likes of WA74 SON (Watson), CL74 RKE (Clarke) , AM74 NDA (Amanda) to highlight just a few, with prices starting from as little as £399!

Making Names and words with Suffix plates

Suffix plates have also proven effective for making words and names with high value auction sales such as DEV 1L (DEVIL) which made a record price of £240,000 back in 2021, whilst other suffix registrations specific to super car models such as MCL 720S (McLaren 720S) have achieved £20,200 in 2017 and FER 488S (Ferrari 488 Spider) made £17,000 in 2015. Other names such as JAM 3S (James) DAN 13L (Daniel) PAU 1L (Paul),HEN 12Y (Henry), JON 3S (Jones) and words like CAR 80N (Carbon), THE 904T (The Goat), FAT 805S (Fat Boss) are all examples of suffix style plates which have sold through DVLA Auctions in the past.

We have owned and sold many name related suffix registrations in the past such examples include BOB 5S (Bob's), EAS 1E (Easy), ELL 44S (Ella's), EVA 4S (Evans), DON 44S (Donna's). LEN 3Y (Lenny) , DUK 3E (Duke)

Suffix names and words currently available include: FAY 55S (Fay's), EDW 3N (Edwin) , CLA 9K (Clark), JES 199A (Jessica), ROC IIIK (Rock).

Selection of name number plates available now: