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How to Sell Your Car Number Plate

For many years people have traded private number plates and sold them on once they have had many years of enjoyment displaying them on the numerous vehicles owned throughout their driving lives.

Sometimes people who have owned certain memorable registrations are defined or known in their local area by the car they drive and its distinctive registration number.

CarReg - The easy way to Buy or Sell a Private Number Plate

Selling a number plate.

It is not always instant, but in many cases you can get a trade value if you wanted to sell immediately. In other cases where an immediate sale isn't possible registration agents will advertise on your behalf for as long as it takes in order to sell your number plates to a willing buyer.

STEP 1 - Request a Valuation (no obligation) , CarReg will always provide a fair estimate on what we think the registration could achieve in the "current" marketplace.

STEP 2 - Receive Valuation via email within 48hrs of submitting your request (quicker if requesting on weekdays) allow 48hrs if requesting valuations on a weekend.

STEP 3 - Review Valuation provided and you have two options - Accept/Authorise to commence advertising or Decline/Remove registration from database. However, if the valuation received did not meet your expectations, rather than decline, you can still Authorise the marketing, whilst amending the return figure to one which is acceptable to your aim is to achieve a specific minimum amount.

STEP 4 - Once your number plate is advertised the reg will appear amongst other search results for that combination on our website.

STEP 5 - Be Patient. We will circulate the available number plate and its required price to other reputable traders in the industry therefore widening the net to help achieve a sale on your behalf.

Rising Values of Private Number Plates

It is fair to say prices across the board have risen in recent times, despite the format. Short 3 character 1x2 or 2x1 plates, 2x2 , 3x2 dateless or short prefix registrations all seem to be fetching higher values than pre-pandemic 2019 levels. Alot will depend on others similar on the market but having a personalised number seems to be increasingly popular year on year and are loved by drivers of all ages 17 to 70+ where many individuals like to stand out or just like having something totally unique.

Where will your number plate be advertised?

Your registration will be listed on our website which receives thousands of visitors each week. Our website can be found by people looking for Private Number Plates, Car Registrations, Personalised Registrations , Number Plates and various other terms and phrases people generally use when searching on engines usually Google or Bing. As stated above, we will also advise other Cherished number agents to advertise your number should they wish. This can naturally help to find a buyer.

From time to time, our automated system will email you to verify your contact details and confirm you still own the registration and wish for us to continue to market it.

Some number plates are of course more sought after than others and this is usually reflected by the value. Some "high demand" registrations will sell quicker than those with less demand. Providing the registration is priced competitively and our estimate of value has not been increased too significantly , then we have a great chance of selling.