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Private Number Plates Sold In Dubai

Private Number Plate Sells for an Amazing £7.7 Million at Charity Auction in Dubai

Personalised number plates can change hands for large sums in the UK with one collector splashing out £518,480 for the plate ’25 O’ to display on a classic Ferrari 250 GTO. But that figure pales into insignificance when compared to the staggering amounts of money paid for private number plates in the United Arab Emirates.

At a recent charity auction in Dubai, a buyer paid $9.5 million (around £7.7 million at today’s exchange rate) for the number plate ‘AA8’, putting it in the top three of the world’s most expensive cherished numbers. That wasn’t the only plate to go under the hammer for big money at the event. The numbers ‘F55’ and ‘V66’ each sold for $1.08m (£878,000), while ‘Y66’ went for $1.03m (£836,000).

The sought-after number plates were made available at the Most Noble Numbers charity auction where guests also had the chance to bid for some unique mobile phone numbers. The phone number 054 999 9999 was bought for an incredible $1.4m (around £1.14m). The auction raised a total of $14.43m (almost £12m).

The entire proceeds from the auction are donated to the One Billion Meals campaign that aims to provide food for needy people in 50 countries around the world. A second Most Noble Numbers auction in Abu Dhabi last month raised nearly $11m (£8.9m), including $6.26m (£5.1m) for the number plate ‘2’. The campaign has already raised almost $55m (£44.6m).

World’s Most Expensive Personalised Number Plates

Visit the Dubai in the UAE and you’ll find the streets filled with the ultimate in automotive excellence. Bugattis, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces are so common that, after a while, you don’t even take notice any more. But sometimes the number plates are worth more than the cars they’re displayed on.

The UAE has the world’s top ten most expensive personalised number plates. In the top five, the plate ‘9’ went for $5.7m (£4.63m), ‘2’ for $6.26m (£5.1m), ‘AA8’ and ‘1’ were bought for $9.5 million (7.7m), while at number one is ‘D5’ at $9.6m (£7.8m).

However, that could all change if some American drivers get their way. An ageing Volvo V70 displaying the New York license plate ‘NEW YORK’ is on the market for $20m (£16.24m). Aiming for the top spot of priciest plates is the Californian who’s selling the rare license plate ‘MM’ which is valued at $24m (19.5m).

Not to be left out, the UK also has a contender for the most expensive private plate, with ‘F1’ being valued at £12m. Taxes and fees would take the final price to around £14.4m. Owner Afzal Khan has already turned down £10m for the plate which he purchased in 2008 for a mere £440,000.

Personalised Number Plates to Suit Your Budget

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