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Turning A Passion For Private Number Plates Into A Business

How an Entrepreneur Turned a Passion for Private Number Plates into a Business

Car designer Afzal Kahn, once dubbed “the king of car customisation,” is renowned for creating stunning bespoke vehicles for the rich and famous. He has built a multi-million-pound industry from adding a touch of personal flair to cars. His group of companies includes Bradford-based Kahn Design and The Chelsea Truck Company based in London.

Mr Khan also has a passion for collecting private number plates which he has turned into another profitable business opportunity. His first personalised registration number was ‘KHA 17’ for which he paid £700. He sold the plate four years later for £6,000. Since then, he has spent a lot of money and time building up one of the world’s most valuable collections of number plates.

The entrepreneur has more than 100 private number plates in his continually growing collection, most of which are on retention just waiting for the right buyer. His favourite plate is the highly prized ‘F1’ which he bought in 2008 for £440,000. It is currently displayed on his blue Bugatti Veyron. He says he has turned down many offers for the coveted plate.

Mr Kahn said, “I wouldn’t sell it for ten million. I am tagged into countless images of the blue carbon Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, so it’s great in terms of connecting with people.”

He prefers shorter numbers and thinks they make any car look good. He says that even a rubbish car looks so much better with a short personalised number plate.

“I am in the industry of designing cars and helping people look like heroes on the road. The number completes it.”

Each Private Number Plate Tells a Story

Mr Kahn believes that a private plate creates a little mystery around the driver.

He says, “Much like my automotive creations, each registration I own tells a story and generates a sense of intrigue, not only surrounding the vehicle but also the person behind the wheel.

“To the casual observer they are just a set of numbers and letters but to me they are an opportunity to set people’s imaginations racing.

“A good registration turns a mundane requirement into an exciting opportunity to say something about yourself.”

A Private Number Plate Makes a Great Gift

A personalised number plate also makes a great gift, as shown by Kahn Design’s head of special projects, James Clough. The lifelong Liverpool FC supporter gave the ‘NO 4’ number plate to Virgil Van Dijk, the Liverpool defender who wears the number four shirt. Mr Clough hoped the gift would lift the spirits of the player who is recovering from a serious knee injury.

You could also show someone how much they mean to you by buying them their own private number plate. CarReg currently have around 60 million registration numbers available on our extensive database, with plates to suit every budget. Use our easy-to-use search function to find your ideal number plate.