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We ask the question. Are private number plates more popular than ever?

Since the Covid-19 lockdown measures were introduced, naturally businesses across the nation were cautious and worried about the turbulent time that lay ahead (and still does). However many Cherished Number Dealers have reported a "busier than usual" sales period with, what seems to be, customers spending their surplus cash on private number plates.

The DVLA Auction finished on 28th July with 2250 lots getting sold, with 17 numbers making over £20,000 under the hammer.

We don't exactly know the full circumstances as to why the public have been splashing out buying private number plates, but can only surmise that with the inability to spend money socially between late March and the end of June. Restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and other entertainment venues like theatres and cinemas have been closed or restricted, and with overseas holiday travel cancelled, many fortunate people whose jobs have not been effected have decided to give their vehicle that finishing touch.

Here are a selection of private number plates we know to have changed hands in recent months:- U 8 - F 8 - MG 4 - RW 9 - G 53 - 2 LG - 3 PO - DA 7 - 9 RK - CM 41

There are millions of affordable number plates available with prices from just a couple of hundred pounds plus the usual £80 assignment fee.

Not only that, but some personalised number plates are seen by many to be shrewd investment pieces, similar to that of luxury watch brands, rare collectables like classic cars or vintage/antique furniture and artwork. So, what are you waiting for? Invest now and reap the rewards when you sell in the future.