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When you think of the United Kingdom, what comes to mind? Famous landmarks, rich history, the monarchy. If you’re an avid traveller, you’ll probably think about the vast and well-established public transport system of subways, buses, trains and trams.

But if you’re a driver, you probably think about congestion. That’s because the UK has some of the most congested cities in the world. Drivers, beware of these 5 cities. You can thank us later.

5 UK Cities With The Highest Traffic Levels

1. London

Topping the list, to no surprise, is London. Even though it has one of the most comprehensive public transit systems in the world, it also has the most traffic jams according to a 2020 study. The numbers don’t lie — Londoners spend an average of 149 hours stuck in traffic every year.

2. Belfast

Belfast is another UK city with high traffic congestion — it’s not just England, after all. Drivers in Belfast spend an average of 112 hours in traffic every year.

3. Bristol

Bristol comes in third on the list of cities in the UK with high levels of traffic congestion. On average, drivers in Bristol spend 103 hours stuck in traffic every year.

4. Edinburgh

The only Scottish city making the top 10 is Edinburgh. Every year, drivers in Edinburgh waste 98 hours sitting in traffic. Imagine how many of those hours could have been spent hopping from pub to pub on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

5. Manchester

Another city in England with high levels of traffic rounds out the top 5, and that’s Manchester. Drivers spend an average of 94 hours every year stuck in traffic in one of the country’s biggest cities.

Following these cities, in order of congestion, are Cardiff, Lincoln, Aylesbury, Birmingham and Southampton.

Driving comes with its downfalls, of course. No one likes heavy traffic, but it’s often an inevitability. How many times have you found yourself stuck in traffic in one of these big cities?However, if possible, try to avoid the main roads that quickly fill up in these high-traffic cities, especially with the many public transport options these cities provide.

The best way to maximise the hours you spend taking the top down and showing off your private number plate is to take the long and winding country back roads.