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Weird and Wonderful Names People Give To Cars

A Recent Survey Reveals the Strangest Names Drivers Give Their Cars

The latest survey of British motorists conducted by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has revealed the strange names that drivers have chosen for their cars. The monikers range from the traditional to the unusual, and even the downright bizarre. Among the strangest car nicknames are ZZ Top, Lady Patricia, Disco Dave and My Second Wife – which presumably comes with its own back seat driver!

The survey found that some owners have been inspired by characters from film and television and named their cars Snow White, Mickey, Olaf, Betty Boop, Homer, Kermit, Eeyore, and the Batmobile. Others have opted for more aggressive nicknames such as The Beast, Tank, and Mean Machine. Others found were Dirty Dog, Sexy, The Bitch, The Boll ??X & Tits...!

Some drivers have been more creative by choosing names that rhyme with the type of car they drive. Among the poetic monikers revealed by the DVLA are Miss Ann the Nissan, Agnes the Ignis, Tina Tiguan and Harry Honda.

For the survey, 2,095 motorists responded to admit that they had named their vehicles. Owners in the 35 to 54 age group are most likely christen their car with 27 percent saying they had. Close behind with 26 percent are those aged 16 to 34. Among the most popular motor monikers are Betsy, Max, Doris, Pablo and Ruby. Coincidentally, the 2021 list of most popular baby names also features Ruby and Max in the top 50.

The DVLA Chief Executive, Julie Lennard reminded drivers that, whatever you choose to name your beloved car, when it’s time to change it, the agency’s online services are the quickest, simplest, and most convenient means to inform the DVLA if you’ve sold the vehicle. She added that 98 percent of people who’d used the online service said they were happy with it and would use it again.

Choose Personalised Number Plates with Your Car’s Name

If you’re one of the many drivers who name their cars, why not get a personalised number plate from CarReg to match the nickname and add a unique look to your vehicle? From the examples above for example, Lady Patricia could have ‘K26 PAT’ or ‘J31 PAT’, while Disco Dave might opt for ‘D12 SCO’ or ‘D2 SCO’. You could choose ‘M14 CKY’ or ‘M21 CKY’ for Micky, ‘HOM 33R’ for Homer, or ‘T9 ANK’ for Tank.

Alternatively, pick a private number plate that matches your car’s make or model. How about ‘J23 UKE’, ‘J24 UKE’, ‘J26 UKE’ for a Nissan Juke or, for your treasured Volkswagen, ‘75 VW’, ‘4190 VW’, or ‘VW 3905’? If you’ve got a BMW or Mercedes, ‘J21 BMW’, ‘AA15 BMW’, ‘M7 ERC’ or ‘M30 ERC’ could be perfect.

When it comes to choosing a personalised number plate (or a name for your car), you can be as creative as you like. With over 60 million plates available on the CarReg database, get started on your search today.

Image Source: Robin Higgins Pixabay