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DVLA Timed Online Auction - December 2021

2500 Personalised Registrations were up for grabs this December with many sure to be ending up in peoples Christmas stockings! Post Pandemic prices remain very strong as we head into 2022 with the highest price being a huge £308,000 (including auction fees and VAT) for registration DEV 1L, with well over 40 more registrations making in excess of £15,000.

The Auction Top 20 were: (Click/Tap Reg to see £'s)

  • DEV 1L £240,000
  • 456 JR £37,010
  • BTC 80Y £35,010
  • 115 LAM £32,020
  • 841 G £30,000
  • RU22 ELL £27,610
  • 11 SSP £25,010
  • 414 M £24,210
  • 1 THM £22,610
  • 4 XRP £22,010
  • 8 XG £21,960
  • 7 KSS £21,760
  • 42 AMS £19,510
  • 53 OO £20,010
  • CH21 SSY £20,000
  • 60 GNA £20,000
  • 11 NGS £18,010
  • DEF 90A £17,510
  • LOU 12E £17,000
  • OLD 61T £15,110

DEV 1L - will become the 3rd highest price achieved at DVLA Auction ever in the 32 years the Government Department DVLA have been selling personalised numbers. BTC 80Y we guess is connected to the Bitcoin digital/crypto markets which are growing in popularity. 115 LAM spells ISLAM, so would have been popular with the Muslim faith. Names like RUSSELL (RU22 ELL) and CHRISSY (CH21 SSY) also making the top 20.

The next sale one will be in January 2022. Registrations in next Auction

All auctions since March 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic were switched to Timed (online only) sales but there is one LIVE Auction scheduled for 2022 in June at Stratford Manor.

We have been successfully bidding on behalf of clients for 30 years. Auctions can be daunting and sometimes expensive for the inexperienced, so we can the strain and bid for you. It can be very easy to get carried away so If you have not registered as a bidder and you would like some invaluable investment advise then we can bid for you. DVLA Auctions

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