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DVLA Auction Chesterfield 19-21st February 2020

Number plates IG 4, 188 O and 115 S are set to be sold this week and are likely to be registrations fetching the highest sums, in excess of £20,000 based on others sold previously.

The Auction Top 6 were:-

  • 812 GTS £42,848
  • IG 4 £32,659
  • 7 UR £32,480
  • 250 SB £29,888
  • F812 GTS £23,667
  • 15 MYL £20,168

The DVLA auction sale at CASA Hotel, Chesterfield is the 2nd Auction of 2020 but the first ‘Live’ auction to be held this year. The next one will be in May 2020. (View All numbers going under the hammer and the reserves)

We have been successfully bidding on behalf of clients for 30 years. Auctions can be daunting and sometimes expensive for the inexperienced, so let us take the strain and bid for you! If you cannot attend or have not registered as a bidder, then we can bid for you. DVLA Auctions

Car related number plates in the auction include:-

992 AP, 250 B, BMW 18D, FER 8N, 812 GTS, LAM 80J, 488 N, N155 SAN.

Name related number plates

There are many first name and surname number plates in the auction, but here are a few which stand out:-

42 AAN, ARU 2N, AH17 MED, ANN 5E, BEN 2P, BR11 YAN CHR 27S, C477 THY, DAV 71D, DES 551Y, GR12 ANT, GRE 665S, HA19 RRY, JUD 111Y, J49 COB, L155 SSA, S57 EPH.

See Number Plate Names pages for more ideas !

Single Letter Number Plates

247 A, 250 B, 121 C, 115 E, 120 G, 600 J, 444 L, 470 M, 188 O, 968 P, 115 S, 105 T, 3333 V, 160 W

No1 Registrations

IGZ 1, 1 JVY, 1 KXL, 1 LRW, 1 MYF, 1 NNL, 1 ODL, ORZ 1, 1 OYH, 1 PUN, 1 RYN, 1 SYG

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Business/Work Related/Novelty Plates

B166 TOW, COB 11E, DOC 78R, EAR 9L, 666 GP, 999 ES, GUL 1F, FAR 244H, F133 RCE, FOO 711E, HAP 1Y

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