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Rolls Royce number plate up for auction 'GHO 577T' with a reserve of just £250! (although GHO 557T made over £3000 at February's sale) Plus 1249 more lots which you may find interesting.

The second LIVE auction of 2019. The auction is being held at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Reading between 15th-17th May.

Auctions can be expensive for the inexperienced, so let us take the strain and bid for you! If you cannot attend or have not registered as a bidder, then CarReg can bid for you too. DVLA Auctions

Car related number plates in the auction

A555 TON, BMW 88W, BUG 471Y, MAC 720S, 911 HF, LAM 80G, 992 POR

Name related number plates

There are lots of first name and surname numberplates in the catalogue, but here are a few likely to make good money:-ANN 6A, AMY 8S, BA66 RRY, B61 LEY, CAS 513E, C111 LOE, GR12 ACE, HA17 RRY, PA11 TEL

See the Number Plate Names page for ideas.

Browse all auction numbers here, Auction Search and see if there’s one that suits you perfectly, or give us a call and we will find the best match for you; 01902 791997.

CarReg were pleased to have secured the following number and are in Stock available to purchase immediately (Open to offers!)

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