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Rolls-Royce plate up for auction – GHO 557T. Plus 1249 more lots which you may find interesting.

So here we are, the first DVLA auction of 2019. The auction is being held at The Casa Hotel, Chesterfield between 13th-15th February.

Auctions can be expensive for the inexperienced, so let us take the strain and bid for you! If you cannot attend or have not registered as a bidder, then CarReg can bid for you too.

If you are a proud owner of a Rolls-Royce Ghost, then your perfect number plate is up for grabs! GHO 557T goes under the hammer on 13th Feb, and starts with just a £250 reserve!

More car related plates in the auction, include; LAM 880W, MU67 ANG, MAC 650S and M911 GTS.

There are also some great plates for ‘showing off’... if you have a sense of humour of course! For example; H111 FLY, MO17 NEY, 834 UTY, URB 35T, HOT 77Y, MYA 88S, NUG 93T, and OUT 881D are all available to buy at the auction. Even the likes of 6 ODD and THE 90D will be open to bidders!

But maybe some might find these questionable...D111 XXX, S72 UTT and BU11 CKS. The latter of which could be made to look like BO11 OKS with some questionable placing of screws! But don’t forget; making a plate appear different, or misspacing it is illegal and can land you a fine of up to £1000!

If you see the funny side of these, then you may also like C111 OWN, MYB 4D, B119 BOY and some alcohol related ones including, C111 DER, BO05 SSY, and OFF 111T!

Or maybe you want to be more respectable and have your name, initials or even your profession on your number plate? RO66 ERT and AL66 ERT are amongst the many name plates that are up for grabs this week, along with BA11 KER which could resemble ‘baker’ or ‘banker’, and MRG 4S for the gas man!

Some of our personal favourites include RA11 MBO, P221 NCE, PUG 66S and A888 BBA!

Browse all auction numbers and see if there’s one that suits you perfectly, or give us a call and we will find the best match for you; 01902 791997.

CarReg were pleased to have secured the following number and are in Stock available to purchase immediately (Open to offers!)

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