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That Plate Is Too Rude Mr.Assman!

Dave Assman, from Melville in Canada, applied to the SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance) to have his name turned into a personalised number plate.

Even after Dave explained that his name has German roots and is pronounced Oss-man, the authorities rejected his application.

Dave told them that he’s “not ashamed of it”, but the authorities announced that the pronunciation wouldn’t be apparent to other road users and therefore, is considered too rude. Past reports have also seen DRUGS, TOILET, STROKE, BOOB, WEENER, POOP, FARTS, HOOTER, and SEXBUS all rejected.

Authorities are serious about making sure motorists are not offended by personalised number plates and have been cracking down on naughty combinations all over the world. See our previous articles on Banned number plates in the UK, and the odd ones like ‘PEN 15’ that slipped through the net! Several years ago DVLA banned and withdrew all remaining Prefix plates which ended in the letter UNT, which disappointed Mr Hunts, Lunts and Punts all over !

CarReg recently wrote this article regarding banned number plates

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