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2017 saw £111 Million raised by UK Number Plates

It was a great year for DVLA in 2017 after selling a record 374,968 registrations and raising a record annual total of £111m for the Treasury. The previous year saw £96.7 million raised. OMG.webp

Since 1989, when the DVLA started selling number plates, around 5 million of them have changed hands. Approximately £2.5 BILLION has been raised for the Treasury over the past 29 years, driven by an era of flaunting our individuality.

The surge in number plate sales over the years reflects a desire for vehicle owners to be more distinctive. There are many reasons why we like to put a personalised plate on our beloved vehicles, whether it be to stand out, to cover up the age of the vehicle, or to represent initials, names, birthdays and other sentimental meanings. Whether we buy them for ourselves, for our loved ones, to promote our businesses, or even to sell on as investments; the start prices are very reasonable at just £166! On average, there are about 800 sold around this price every day, so don’t delay – Find yours by searching in the yellow search box on our website.

Some private plates stand out more than others, and we call these ‘super-plates’. They have proven to be very popular also, and this is reflected in their prices! For example, “25 O” holds the record in Britain after being purchased by the classic car dealer, John Collins in 2014, for a whopping £518,480! We believe the plate currently adorns a white Ferrari 250 GTO.

The following plates also hold the top spots!

“1 D” £352,000, 2009 – Currently on a Bentley

“51 NGH” £254,000, 2006 – Currently on Retention

“1 RH” £247,000, 2008 – Currently on a Mercedes-Benz

“K1 NGS” £231,000, 1993 – Currently on Retention

“KR15 HNA” £216,080, 2015 – Currently on Retention

Just in 2017 alone, the most expensive number plates were;

“JSK 1″ £56,200, sold in May at Cheltenham Chase Hotel – Already on a Mercedes-Benz JSK1  111mil.webp

“96 O” £52,500, sold in September at Cambridge Belfry Hotel

“45 O” £51,000, sold in July at Mercedes Benz World – Already on an Audi

“812 S” £45,500, sold in May at Cheltenham Chase Hotel

“1 HSV” £41,500, sold in May at Cheltenham Chase Hotel

We would like to think that “812 S” will be twinned with a Ferrari 812 Superfast which was launched last year at the Geneva Motor Show!

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