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They will know just how much you love them with a surprise like this, so let them fall in love with their new personalised number plate.

CarReg have a huge range of number plates to suit your needs! Whether you have a low budget, a specific name or initials, even a lucky number or sentimental date. the CarReg team are here to help you find a Valentines gift they will never forget!

Have a browse on our website and enquire online, or contact us and tell our experienced team exactly what you are looking for!

Need some inspo?? How about these... K155 *** or MR55 *** prove to be popular choices

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BMY 848Y - TR11 LUV - XX10 VEU - BE57 MRS - BE57 HUB - L10 VED - 10 VEU - LOV 3S - 1 LUV - HOT 111Y - K155 SXX - LUS 5T - ME04 YOU

How about getting personal?


JE54 TOD - CH12 OES - FAY 55S - ME60 NSX - M155 KAS

MS11 MJS - G444 RRY - H37 NRY - JA18 ACK


4 HJG - 4 MJE - 4 SJK

X4 MHJ - X4 WHX - X4 VXX

Or, if you haven't already popped the question...


by Rachel Young, Number Plate Correspondent

DVLA Number Plates


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