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Our Team

In over 30 years, the demand for cherished number plates has seen us go from strength to strength, growing into a well known and respected family-run number plate company. Along the way, we have recruited some great people, each suiting the various roles within the business and adding something special to our close knit team. Our staff are always pleased to help you and their expert advice is free!

  • Jason Wilkes
    5 J

    Jason Wilkes

    Jason, the guy who started it all back in 1987, is the founder and Managing Director of CarReg and remains a passionate ‘number plate nut’ whose knowledge and experience have enabled him to sell to some of the worlds rich and famous. He is proud to have built a business with a solid reputation, delivering great value and service to its customers.

  • Russell Palmer
    2 P

    Russell Palmer

    The office manager for almost 15 years! Looks after the office and maintains an efficient, motivated, professional sales team. Russ does much of the company's stock purchasing and valuing for clients looking to sell a plate.

  • Sue Carter
    9 C

    Sue Carter

    Sue has been with the company since 1993 when time consuming manual data entry was a key part of her role. Luckily technology handles most of that in a fraction of the time so Sue can focus on dealing with sales enquiries and has a wealth of knowledge.

  • Lynne Palmer
    1 LCP

    Lynne Palmer

    Lynne has over 25 years experience in the cherished numbers industry and works as part of the sales team and customer service. Her private number plate knowledge enables her to provide useful tips and advice to clients searching for or deciding which reg to purchase.

  • Yvonne Bird
    6 Y

    Yvonne Bird

    With the team since 2016 Yvonne deals with our aftersales queries, assists with sales enquiries and handles the many registration transfers we undertake daily.

  • Mia Bradbury
    8 MB

    Mia Bradbury

    Our administrator. Trained in all aspects of the DVLA transfer procedure and progressing orders to completion in a highly efficient manner. Also responsible for making sure all of our suppliers/sellers are paid promptly. Excellent communication skills and enjoys maintaining strong relations within the industry.

  • Joanna Wilkes
    JW 8

    Joanna Wilkes

    Jo is the Company Secretary who spearheads our marketing and advertising as well as overseeing office procedures. Extremely organised and with skills including sales, admin and accounting, she is very particular that the business operates in the most efficient way possible to provide excellent service to all of our customers.

  • Curtis Lawley
    KUR 1T

    Curtis Lawley

    Joined the team in 2021. Curtis is training to assist with our office Administration/transfers & Accounts Departments, whilst supporting the sales team to efficiently deal and process with all transactions. We hope he has a long and successful career in the Cherished Numbers industry

  • Bob Reed
    4 B

    Bob Reed

    Bob analyses sales and financials, providing reports to the management and accounts whilst also maintaining the company’s stock files.

  • Brian Bate
    6 BB

    Brian Bate

    On behalf of Palmer Griffiths Accts, Brian has visited CarReg for over 20 years. He has a detailed insight into the cherished plates industry and along with our management team looks after our monthly trading accounts and associated submissions to HMRC.

  • Rachel Young
    R446 HEL

    Rachel Young

    Rachel left her position as our head Administrator after around 8 years with CarReg and relocated to Singapore with her new husband in December 2017. She now remotely handles enquiries & responds to messages made through our social media channels.

  • Jack Wilkes
    JAC 11K

    Jack Wilkes

    Jack is Jason’s eldest son. A young lad with many talents and now holds a clean Full UK driving licence! He is however pursuing a career as a yachtsman!

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