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Bernard Manning’s comedy plate for sale!

Bernard Manning’s former number plate is up for sale!

Bern2.webp 1 LAF is very particular to the famous comedian’s craft and his son, Bernard Junior, would like its new home to be that of one of today’s famous comics. The controversial funnyman died in June 2007, aged 76. He shot to fame in the 70's after appearing in TV shows such as The Comedians.

Bern3.webp Bernard Junior lives in Manchester, home to the world famous Embassy Club institution which his father owned. The club drew in crowds from across the UK and the comic used to roll up to his gigs in his chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce adorning the number plate 1 LAF.

Bern4.webp Bernard had owned the number plate for 40 years, and also owned B 19 and BJM 1 for his initials. Bernard Junior said, “My dad had three personalised number plates. Two of them are quite personal and we are keeping them in the family”.

Bernard Junior said he had no idea how much 1 LAF would be worth. It turns out that they have received several offers of very large sums, but he would love to see another comedian driving about with it.

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