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Private Number Plates for Euro 2024

EURO 2024 kicked off in Germany ten days ago with expectations high for both England and Scotland. England will be looking to go one better than the last Euro's where they lost on penalties against Italy at Wembley Stadium in July 2021. With football fever taking hold and Euro 2024 well underway in Germany where two of our home nations competed. It's time to show your support for your team? Could it finally be 'Coming Home' ?

The Story So Far

England got off to a winning start beating Serbia by a goal to nil scored by 20 year old Jude Bellingham, but only managed a 1-1 draw with Denmark following a disappointing performance, whilst Scotland bounced back in their second game holding Switzerland to a 1-1 draw having being defeated by the tournament hosts Germany 5-1 in the opening match. Sadly for Scotland they were unable to beat the Hungarian's in their final group game so that marks the end of the tournament for them and their vast travelling supporters 'The Tartan Army'. The whole country is behind the England team for Tuesday, hoping they can progress all the way to the final in Berlin in three weeks time.

Here are some creative and personalised number plate ideas that would be perfect for the England and Scotland teams and some of the current squad:

  • EN61 AND
  • ENG 147D
  • SCO 715H
  • SC07 LND
  • SAK 4
  • L1 ONS
  • GOA 1S
  • TR10 PHY

Why Private Number Plates?

Private number plates have become a popular way for fans to show their support for favourite teams and players. They offer a unique personalised touch that standard number plates are unable to provide.

Personalisation: Customised number plates allow fans to express their individuality and support for their team or specific players they admire.

Memorabilia: These number plates can be everlasting and commemorate the event (especially if England (or Scotland) are victorious and end up winning the trophy)

Visibility: displaying number plates can spark conversations and connect fans building sense of community

Pride: A way of showcasing national pride and support for the country both during and after the tournament.

Current Style Number Plates:

The current format with seven characters lends itself well to buyers to be creative and allows them to personalise the number incorporating both their name or initials and their national allegiance at the end such as Gareth Southgate the England fan GS24 ENG or Graeme Souness the Scotsman, GS04 SCO. John the Englishman might make something such as EN61 JON or Alan the Scotsman 'SC07 ALN'. The options are endless.

Prefix Style Number Plates:

While prefix numbers are shorter and look more personalised they are not as accommodating. However we do have numbers in stock such as G22 SCO and W24 ENG

Cheer your team to G1ORY and who knows they might make the F1NAL, just lets hope the game doesn't get decided by PEN 417Y kicks.

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Number Plate Flag Options:

You can even add the England or Scotland flag to your plate for an extra touch of national pride. These various national flags are permitted on UK Number plates with exception of GB Euro which have now been phased out following United Kingdom's exit from the European Union. England, Scotland, Wales and the GB Union Jack are all legal Flag-Plate_Home

Whether you're a supporter of a particular player, nation or domestic team, there's a private number plate that perfectly captures your passion for football. We have many football related plates. See our Football number plates page for some ideas!

Some suitable registrations for the current England Squad: